Wilted rose emoji meaning

What is wilted rose emoji meaning?

Nowadays we see many kinds of emojis that are being used by people. Flower emojis have been so popular, and rose is one of the most popular ones. Wilted rose emoji meaning is often considered as wilting of a rose, the end of a relationship, losing feelings about someone, losing happiness, depression and in some cases, it is regarded as waiting for a long time.

Wilting of a rose

Wilting of a rose text

As there the rose seems wilted, wilted rose emoji meaning is directly related with wilting of a rose. Rose is a favorite flower, it is considered as the symbol of love. Some people like this flower so much that they feel sad when it wilts. We can see a message like that: “Today I feel sad. Because my rose wilted.”

Losing Feelings

As it is considered as the symbol of love, wilted rose emoji meaning can be considered as losing love as well. When feelings start to fade, it indicates that the relationship is about to end. If your lover sends this emoji to you, you should understand that his or her feelings are going away and there may be nothing left soon.

Losing Happiness

Losing Happiness text with emoji

Wilted rose emoji meaning is also related to losing happiness. As it is known well, rose symbolizes love and love brings joy. When the love is gone, happiness is even gone. People sometimes prefer this emoji when they feel unhappy: “It is a boring day, and I feel lonely.” “I started to miss happiness.”

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