what does yellow heart emoji mean

What is Yellow heart emoji meaning?

Many kinds of colorful and interesting emojis can be used while texting on social media and other platforms. For example, yellow heart emoji is used by much people and because of that, yellow heart emoji meaning is wondered. Yellow heart means a good friendship and joyful of life rather than passionate love.

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Yellow: The Color Of Gold

According to many people, yellow reminds them gold as it is the color of it. Gold is precious and it is widely used while expressing value.

Yellow heart emojiSo we can say the yellow heart emoji meaning is about gold. When we are talking about a person who we think he is the right person, we say he has a golden heart. When we speak about someone that he is like gold, we mean he is such a valuable person. We want to express the same thing when we send gold heart emoji. If someone sends you this emoji, that says he gives value to you very much. You have a special place in his life. So you can send him yellow heart emoji to express that you give value to him, as well.

Happiness And The Joy Of Love

Yellow heart emoji meaning is also considered as the joy of life. Some people are so happy in their lives. Because they fulfill their needs and enjoy the pleasure of life.

Yellow HeartThey like living so much. Of course, there are many problems. Being aware of that, they have a positive attitude, and they can look on the bright side. You may realize these people around you. They usually look delighted and smiling. Their social media profiles also look positive. They share their photos while they are smiling. They share positive thoughts and use yellow heart emoji to express their positive attitudes about life.

The Sign Of The Love

yellow heart emoji meaning

Yellow heart emoji meaning may be the sign of new love. When a guy and girl are two best friends, their relationship may evolve into love soon. We want to say that if a girl sends this emoji to the guy who is her best friend, she might think that her best friend may be her potential lover. If you got this emoji from your best friend and she is a girl, she may see you her potential lover. If you like her, you should take steps to improve your relationship with her. According to the point of view, yellow heart emoji is the beginning of a love, and the friendship will evolve into love in a short time.

The Love Of Yellow

Yellow Heart Emojis

Some people think that yellow heart emoji meaning is about the love of yellow color as many people love yellow. It is simple to realize them around us. Ladies who like yellow dye their hairs yellow. They wear yellow clothes, dresses. They prefer yellow color to paint their homes. As they love yellow very much, that may be the reason why they use yellow heart emoji. Although the original color of the heart is red, they might prefer yellow color just because they love it. If you have a lover and sends you this emoji, you shouldn’t get surprised if you know that he likes yellow.

Those Who Like Yellow Fruits

Yellow Heart Emoji text

There are many fruit lovers. Some of them especially love yellow fruits like lemon. These people like eating lemon as well as they drink lemon juice. There are different kinds of desserts that are made with lemons, and these people like these deserts. So yellow heart emoji meaning may be about the love of lemons. These people may use yellow heart emoji because they love lemons.

The Symbol Of Sincere Love

According to a thought, yellow heart emoji meaning is the expression of a sincere love rather than passionate and romantic love. It isn’t meant to say romantic love between couples and lovers. It is meant to say love between parents and their kids. They love each other very much. Their kid is the most critical thing of parents in their lives.

Yellow Heart Emoji meansThey do their best to grow up their kids, and they give much value to them. For kids, their parents are the most valuable ones in their lives. Apart from their families, there are some special things that people love much in their lives. For example, some people love animals much. They even love them more than they love humans. Apart from that, many people love nature. They love being part of it and living in it. It is a sincere love. This kind of love can be expressed with yellow heart emoji. Just as a mother can express she loves her kids very much with yellow heart emoji, someone can express he loves nature with this emoji.

It Can Be Sent to Blonde Women

Yellow hearts on blue boxes

As its color is yellow, we can say that yellow heart emoji meaning is about expressing love to the blonde women. If you like a girl and she is blonde, you can express your feelings to her with this emoji. It will be meaningful with your message. If she likes her hair, she will love this emoji, as well.

Writing Positive Comments About The Photos On Social Media

one yellow heart

Yellow heart emoji can also be used while making comments to the photos on social media. When you see a picture of your friend with her yellow hair she just dyed, you can write she is beautiful, or her hair is very good with this emoji. You can also write a good comment about the new photo of your friend if her photo includes a yellow handbag. You can say her handbag is very good with this emoji. You can also use this emoji when you see a photo of your friend taken with its yellow bird. You can write it is so cute. So it is up to your creativity to use emoji. You can use it to express your opinions about anything that is yellow.

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