Sushi emoji

Meals emojis are so popular and we see many people putting them in their text messages while they are texting. Sushi is one of the most favorite ones. It is a well-known Japanese food and there are many sushi lovers — not only Japanese people but also people around the world. That is because sushi emoji meaning is often considered with the favorite Japanese meal. Its meaning is also associated with the context of cuisine, food, and fish. Although it is a traditional food in Japan, it is preferred by a group of elite and wealthy people in some countries because of its high price. So, it can be understood as a symbol of elitism in those countries.


Sushi is known by most of the people around the world. So, sushi emoji meaning is often related to this famous Japanese people. It can be used in any expression that is about sushi: “Who wants to have sushi this evening?”, “I desire sushi today.”, “Yesterday, we went to a Japanese restaurant and ate sushi. It was great!”

This emoji can be used in a recipe of sushi that is included in a blog: “Today, I will share my sushi recipe with you.”


Most people know sushi is made of fish. So, this emoji can be put in any dialogue that is about meals made of fish: “- Which meal can I cook with fish? – Well, you can prepare sushi.”

The symbol of Japanese cultureThe symbol of Japanese culture

Sushi is one of the main aspects of Japanese tradition. Sushi emoji can be put in a text to refer to Japanese tradition: “- Why do you want to go to Japan? – Because I am interested in Japanese culture. I want to eat sushi.”


Sushi can be used in any dialogue that is about cuisines: “I like to visit different countries so that I see different cultures and cuisines. Sushi is one of the most delicious meals that I have had.”

The symbol of elitism

In some countries, sushi is an expensive meal that is provided by luxury restaurants. Only top-class or rich people can go to these restaurants as the service is costly. Because of that, having sushi is considered as being rich and elite. If someone shares a photo of sushi that he had in a restaurant, he may want to imply that he has a luxury lifestyle: “This sushi is wonderful.”

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