What does wink emoji mean

Sending text message is a common way of communication around people. It hasn’t lost its popularity since mobile phones were used first. Today people send texts to each other via SMS and social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram. That is why social media developers have created emojis so that people can enrich their texts with those emojis.

Wink emoji meaning is wondered

wondered text below winky face

Today there are many kinds of emojis that people can use. However, the meaning of some emojis may now be known well. Wink emoji is one of them. When people get this emoji, they may ask what does wink emoji mean. The meaning of wink emoji may be different according to the situation, and we will explain the possible meanings of wink emoji below.

You can consider the meaning of wink emoji same as the meaning of wink. In other words, you can think same when somebody winks at you, or he sends you wink emoji.

Wink emoji means approval

approval text below winky face

One of the meanings of wink emoji is approval. For example, you send a message to your friend that if he wants to go out for dinner. If he sends wink emoji, that means he accepts your invite, and you can go out for lunch. Wink emoji also means that your friend understands what you mean. For example, you write something to your friend and ask if he understands what you mean. If he sends this emoji, he wants to say that he understands you. Wink emoji is sometimes sent when someone wants to say he keeps your secret. If there is something you want to keep it in secret with your friend and write it to him, you may get wink emoji, and that means it will keep between you and him.

Shortly, the answer to What does wink emoji mean is that it means approval, appreciation, understanding, and promise. Apart from these, it may be just a mistyped smiley 🙂

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