What does upside down smile emoji mean

What does upside down smile emoji mean? How to use it?

Sending text messages have been popular entirely for a while since mobile phones started to be used. Today it continues its popularity as social media has got its popularity very much. People often send texts to each other on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Because of that, social media developers have been working on emojis to satisfy people’s needs. They can express their feelings with these emojis. Although there weren’t much emojis, the number of them has increased. Today, there are many emojis about different feelings so that people can use them to express their current mood.

Ironic Way

Although it is good to use those emojis, the meaning of some emojis may not be understood true. Smile emoji is well understood that means the person who sends this is smiling. However, upside down smile emoji meaning may be confusing. Because of that, some people ask What does upside down smile emoji mean to their friends or google. If you are one of those who asks this question you can keep reading our article.

Ironic Way

If you got a message including upside down smile emoji, your friend might want to say something sarcastically or ironically. For example, your friend writes that he is so excited about something you will do. If there is upside down smile emoji, that means he may not be excited indeed.



Another meaning of the upside-down smile emoji is about silliness. Sometimes, people get crazy and do or say something whatever they want. It doesn’t matter whether is wise or not. So they can use this smile emoji when they write something that doesn’t make sense at all.

As a summary, the answer of what does upside down smile emoji mean is that it has different meanings including sarcasm, irony, and silliness.

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