What does the winky face emoji mean

What does the winky face emoji mean on whatsapp?

There are several emojis that we can use to express ourselves while writing a text message. Winky face is a favorite emoji. What does the winky face emoji mean? Its meaning includes joking, flirting, encouraging, confidence and a healthy attitude.


Flirting text with winky face emoji

Teenagers use this emoji very much while they are flirting. Each partner uses it to show that he or she understands what his partner says. It is a way of saying “We both share the same feelings, think and act in the same way. We are agreeable. We can understand our weak and strong sides well. Being aware of these, we get on well.” These thoughts make couples feel closer to each other.


Confidence text with winky face emoji

What does the winky face emoji mean? Sending winky face emoji is a sign of confidence. If girls get this emoji from guys, they should understand that the guy is so confident and he has a strong attitude. He is aware of the things that he types very well, and he stands behind every word that he writes. If confidence and honesty are things that what she wants the girl should give him a chance to know more about him.


Encouraging text with winky face emoji

Sometimes people encourage each other on the things that they believe they can do. For example, parents encourage their kids, friends encourage each otherIt means that someone supports the person that he cares. It can be used in this dialogue: “- I don’t think I can get A on Maths. – I think you have enough capability to succeed. All you need to do is to study hard. I believe you can do it.”


Winky face emoji is sometimes used while making a joke: “- I think you gained weight. – Are you serious? – I am only joking. You look fit.”


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