What does the wave emoji mean

What does the wave emoji mean? When should you use it?

Texting on our smartphones has been an important part of our lives. Texting has not only been an important part of communication but also it has been fun. People can use many kinds of emojis while they are texting. The wave emoji is one of the most preferred ones, especially in the summer. Because of that, many people wonder what does the wave emoji mean. The wave emoji has ocean or sea wave. So this is generally used about summer activities.



We can say that wave is the symbol of the sea. So when we ask what does the wave emoji mean, we can say anything related to the sea. It may be swimming, surfing or sunbathing. There are many situations that this emoji can be used. For example, someone can invite his friends to go swimming and use this emoji. We can see many ladies sharing their photos while they are sunbathing. Especially posing legs is a common activity made by them. When a lady is sunbathing, she can share her picture with a message including sun is very good and she can add this emoji at the end.

Anxious or upset

Anxious or upset text

Apart from the sea, there may be another meaning when it is asked what does the wave emoji mean. Everybody has ups and downs in his life. Sometimes we can feel pleased, lively or excited but suddenly we can feel depressed, anxious or upset. Wave emoji can be an excellent metaphor to express these kinds of situations.

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