What does the watermelon emoji mean

What does the watermelon emoji mean on whatsapp?

We have started to see many kinds of emojis in text messages. Fruit emojis have been so popular and one of them is watermelon. What does the watermelon emoji mean? It may have different meanings: The first meaning is the fruit itself. Another meaning is that as it contains seeds, they can be thought as the seeds of sperms as well as ejaculation. According to thought, this emoji is also considered as boobs.

Watermelon fruit


As the direct meaning of this emoji is watermelon, the person who puts this emoji in his message probably writes about the fruit. Many people like this fruit very much. Those who adopt a healthy lifestyle prefer watermelon. They eat it as well as they drink watermelon juice. We can see their photos including watermelon and they write comments about their photos including this emoji.

Women’s boobs

If you see a woman who shares her photo and write a comment including this emoji, you may ask what does the watermelon emoji mean as there is no connection. According to common thought, this emoji is considered as boobs. So the woman who posts her photo may want to say that she has a great body with great boobs.

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