What does the water emoji mean

What does the water emoji mean on whatsapp?

Emojis are preferred by many people. They use these emojis, especially on social media. Water emoji is one of the popular ones. What does water emoji mean? Its meaning is often in a romantic context. It is also meant as the actual water or sweat.

Water emoji meanings in the romantic context

Especially teenagers use it in a romantic context. They usually want to write about ejaculation or orgasm by sending this emoji. It may be used in this conversation: “- How about spending a beautiful night? – That would be great!”.

He or she is hot

water emoji

What does water emoji mean? Someone may want to imply that he or she is attractive by sending this emoji. Guys especially use this emoji when they need to sleep together. Girls may also respond with this emoji. They want to imply that they are hot too.


Water emoji is often used while texting between lovers. They send this emoji to each other to write about their romantic desires. What does water emoji mean? This emoji is a part of texting that partners use it mean ejaculation or orgasm. 

It can be used at the end of texting to express self-pleasure as well. 

Combining with eggplant emoji

This emoji is sometimes combined with other flirting emojis. What does water emoji mean? Combining water emoji with eggplant means offering someone to sleep together.


Water emoji can be used to say the water itself. When the topic is related to water, this emoji can be used. The person may be thirsty: “I am so thirsty that I want to drink three glasses of water.” Someone may miss the rain: “I miss the rain.”

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