What does the upside down smile emoji mean

What does the upside down smile emoji mean?

Nowadays, we see many people who use different kinds of emojis on social media and other platforms. Of course, every emoji has a different meaning. People can guess the meaning of some emojis. However, the meaning of some emojis like the upside down smile emoji can’t be understood, and people ask what does the upside down smile emoji mean. We can merely say the meaning of this emoji is that it is used when people have strange feelings like silliness, covered anger or sadness.


Sometimes people want to do silly things just because they want to act like that. They can give strange answers to the questions and make other people surprised. You may have experienced that when you ask a question to someone, he answers in a way that you didn’t expect at all. People also do silly things when they explain something. For example, someone can write exciting things when he is talking about an issue that is about life, his point of view or something else.

silliness text

This emoji can be used in these kinds of situations. If you see this emoji in their messages and ask what does the upside down smile emoji mean, it is just about silliness.

Covered Anger

The answer that is related to the question what does the upside down smile emoji mean may be about the anger that is inside. Although there is a smiling face in this emoji, people may use it when they have anger inside them but don’t expose it to those who are around them as they look calm. Although this covered anger can’t be understood at first glance, that can be understood from the things that they write.

Covered Anger

For example, one of your friends writes about his diet on his social media profile. Although he complains about his food, he writes that the diet goes perfect and puts this emoji at the end of the statement. In this case, he is actually angry but exposes his anger with a joke.

Making Someone Surprised

The reason for using this emoji may be to surprise someone. As it is the flipped of the smile emoji, the person may want to use this emoji to surprise someone. If you get this emoji from your friend after you make a joke, he probably wanted to reply your joke with a laugh.

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