Turtle Emoji with text

What does the turtle emoji mean?

Nowadays, we see many people who send different kinds of emojis to each other on social media and other platforms. One of that lovely and cute emojis is turtle emoji. The answer that comes to our minds about what does the turtle emoji mean is that simply it is a cute and slow animal that is known by everyone.

Love of turtles

Some people love animals. That can be different to each person. For example, there are many people who love cats, dogs, birds, and turtles. As it is cute, small and slow, it is loved by a lot of people. That is why turtle lovers sometimes send turtle emojis while they are texting. If someone asks what does the turtle emoji mean, we can say that it is just because of the love of turtles.

“You are too slow”

You are too slow

Besides, the turtle is known for its slow movement. We can see these cute animals in nature as well as on streets and roads. What does the turtle emoji mean? If someone sends you turtle emoji, he may want to mean that you are too slow. For example, you may be writing too slow or you may be doing your tasks too slow. If you are that kind of person, maybe you should hurry up.

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