taco emoji

What does the taco emoji mean and how to use it?

People like using emojis in their text messages Because of the variety of them. Taco is a widely used emoji and if you ask what does the taco emoji mean, we can say its meaning is about a well known Mexican food, being hungry. 

Mexican Food

Taco is widely used while writing about famous Mexican food which contains meat, vegetable, sauce, and cheese. Many people like this food and they can prefer to use this emoji in their messages. Those who are hungry can also include this emoji in their messages. For example: “I am so hungry that I can eat a big taco.”

Writing about romantic moments

If you wonder what does the taco emoji mean and don’t think its meaning is about food, it is also used to represent a female genital organ. It can be used in any topic including romantic moments.  It is also combined with other emojis to say things like  “You are like a bomb”, “what about sleeping together tonight?”. Those who are hot can write something like that: “I want a taco tonight.”

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