What does the sneezing emoji mean

What does the sneezing emoji mean?

There are different kinds of emojis that people use while texting on social media and other platforms. For example, sneezing emoji is used a lot. However, its meaning is not commonly known. Many people ask questions like what does the sneezing emoji mean. As the character is sneezing with closed eyes, the meaning of this emoji is mostly regarded as having flu, cold or allergy. Some girls also use it as a reaction when they get compliments.

Having Allergy

Having Allergy

Some people have an allergy to different kinds of things. For example, some of them have an allergy to pets. They start to sneeze when they are near a pet. What does the sneezing emoji mean? In these kinds of situations, they can express their situation with this emoji. It can be used in such an expression: “My allergy started because of the pet that I bought yesterday. The doctor said that I need to take it out of my home.”

Having Flu

Flu is one of the reasons for sneezing. If you see that your friend uses this emoji and what does the sneezing emoji mean, he may have flu and he is probably complaining about it.

Using Drugs

Using Drugs

For those who ask what does the sneezing emoji mean, we can also say that some people who use drugs because of their illnesses may use this emoji. For example, someone who uses drug due to his illness may write something like that: “I got ill and I need to use my drugs.”

Girls Who Get Compliments

It is strange that some girls may respond with this emoji when they get compliments from guys. If you got this emoji from a girl and wonder that what does the sneezing emoji mean, you may have made the compliment to her.

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