rectangle emoji mean

What does the rectangle emoji mean? How you can use it?

People have been seeing rectangle emoji in recent times, and they wonder that what does the rectangle emoji mean. This emoji has seemed with X icon in a rectangle frame. Its meaning is that your phone doesn’t support the related emoji or character. That is because you see rectangle shape. So, it is not an emoji, you can consider is a kind of error message.

What Is Rectangle Emoji?

As there is no such emoji, some people call it that name. This is often seen with an X symbol or question mark. So, it may be called “frame with an x emoji”, “box with an x”, “x in a small square”, “small box at the end of the message.”

What Is X Symbol?

What Is X Symbol

X symbol often refers to an error or a problem about the computer. When we see this symbol, we usually understand that an error has occurred. It is also known the button with x symbol is used to close open applications on Windows.

Different Platforms

The reason you get rectangle emoji may be that you and the other person are using different platforms. Some emojis that are supported in Android may not be adequately viewed on ios devices. In this case, it is good to try installing the latest version of your ios or Android anyway.

What Should I do If I Get Rectangle Emoji?

What Should I do If I Get Rectangle Emoji

If you got this emoji from someone, you could update the software of your phone. If you use Android or ios, check if there is a newer version. Once you install the latest update, your problem will be solved, and your phone will be able to display the character correctly.

Install A Third-Party App

You may solve this issue if you install a third-party emoji app. These apps include various emojis so that you may view the emoji that was sent to you properly as well as you can send different emojis with your texts.

Update the App

Update the App

If you see rectangle emoji in a particular app, that may be about the app itself. So, you can try deleting cache of that app or reinstalling it. When you do that, your problem will be solved.

Ask the Person

If you got this emoji from your friend and you are too curious, you can ask your friend what he sent. He can explain to you what he sent also what it means.



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