What does the rainbow emoji mean

What does the rainbow emoji mean? How to use it?

Rainbow emoji is one of the favorite emojis as it is liked by many people including children as well as adults. What does the rainbow emoji mean? Apart from its actual meaning, rainbow emoji is used to express positive feelings like happiness, joy, pleasure, hope and more. Besides, it is used to give positive responses like “that is great,” “I like that.” The rainbow reminds sky and nature for some people. They can use rainbow emoji as a symbol of the love of nature. As children like rainbow very much, this emoji is sometimes used in messages about cartoons and other tv programmes for kids. Apart from these, a rainbow has been regarded as the symbol of the LGBT rights. So, the meaning of the rainbow emoji can be about the rights of these people called LGBT.

Expression of positive feelingsExpression of positive feelings

In most cases, rainbow emoji is used to express positive feelings. These feelings can be happiness, enjoyment, hope, and more. In this context, rainbow emoji can be used in these messages: “Today is a nice day. I feel so happy”, “We had a wonderful time last evening. I will never forget that.”, “ am at the funfair. This place is great!”, “I have positive hopes about the future.”

Positive responses

Rainbow emoji can be put in any text when someone gives a positive response. These responses can be “That is wonderful,” “It is a great idea,” “That sounds great,” “It is excellent” and more.

Sky and natureSky and nature

Some people remind heaven and nature when they see a rainbow. According to them, it is good to be part of nature, and it is good to be free. They are called nature lovers. So, they can put rainbow emoji in their text messages to represent freedom, sky, and nature.

The symbol of cartoons

Rainbow is often used as a symbol in cartoons. Most children like it very much. That is why the rainbow emoji can be added into a text that is about comics so that it can be easy to attract them.

The rights of LGBT

Rainbow emoji has been used as a symbol of the rights that belong to a group of people called LGBT. In this way, it is aimed to take notice of people to the rights of those who have different preferences. This emoji can be seen in many messages under related hashtags on social media.

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