What does the poop emoji mean

What does the poop emoji mean? How you can use it?

Emojis are preferred by people very much. They use these emojis in their messages. One of these exciting emojis is poop. What does the poop emoji mean? As it is poo, it is often used instead of slang words or expressions, and sometimes it is used with aggressive expressions and sometimes it is meant passive aggression.

Using Instead of Slang Words

People sometimes write some words or expression that aren’t nice when they get angry. Some of them write these directly. But some of them prefer to censor them with this emoji. Whether it is an argument with someone, anger related to something, writing slang words or expressions is not a polite way of communication.

poop emoji

Because of that, some people prefer to use this emoji instead of some words to be polite: “The electricity has gone again. They are doing it too much, and I am fed up with all this crap…” It can be an argument between two lovers: “I know you were with that girl last evening. I didn’t know you are such a liar and I don’t know what to say to these … things that you do.” What does the poop emoji mean? If you see someone using this emoji with some angry expressions, that means he doesn’t want to write something that is impolite.

Passive Aggression

Some people show behaviors related to passive aggression. Dealing with them is hard. They show their attitudes with using this emoji. They don’t reveal a hostile attitude directly. However, their actions can be detected while reading things that they write carefully. For example, some of them can be stubborn: “- I want you to come to the cinema with me. – I said no, and I don’t want to go to that film.” Sometimes they can show deliberate behavior to accomplish required tasks: “- I told you to tidy your room several times. Why didn’t you do that? – Ok, I know. I will do it later.” What does the poop emoji mean? If you get this emoji with these kinds of messages from someone, he might be showing passive aggression.

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