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What does the pineapple emoji mean? How to use it?

There are many fruit emojis that can be used while texting and people use most of them. Pineapple is one of those, and many people prefer it. What does the pineapple emoji mean? Its meaning may be related to the actual food, healthy life, tropical fruits as well as giving positive feedback, expressing that your relationship is complicated, optimism and feminism symbol. It also means “It tastes good” while texting.

What does the pineapple emoji mean?

Tropical fruitTropical fruit

As it is a well-known tropical fruit and also it is good for health, pineapple emoji can be used while writing about this fruit and healthy living style. Many people like this fruit very much and like eating it. Some of them like drinking pineapple juice. We see these people using this emoji in their messages. For example, someone can prepare a plate of pineapple, take a picture of it and share it on his profile. He can write something like that: “I love this very much.”, “It is time to eat after sport.”

As it is grown in tropical places, pineapple emoji can be used while writing about these places as well. Those who like these places can write things like that: “A nice weekend is waiting for me. I miss the sun and the sea.”, “It will be a good holiday in Miami.”, “I miss Hawaii. I wish I could be there now.”

Positive feedbackPositive feedback

According to a thought, sending pineapple emoji is regarded as giving positive feedback or being optimistic about any issue. For example, someone is asking his opinions about his workout progress: “- I have been going to the gym for a while to lose weight. What do you think about my progress? – I think it is good.”. A woman who is decorating her house may ask her friends what they think about her home: “I have just finished decorating my home. What do you think about its new style?” When the answer is given with pineapple emoji, it should be understood that the person has a positive attitude.


The meaning of pineapple emoji is considered as being optimistic as well. Someone can use this emoji when he is optimistic about any issue: “- Do you think we can win the game? – Yes, of course, I believe we will win,”, “I studied so hard, and I am sure I will get the highest mark on the exam.” Pineapple emoji can be put at the end of these sentences.


As it has a positive meaning, it might be used instead of saying approval words such as “It is ok”, “that sounds good.”, “that is good for me.”, “Let’s do.”. When you offer someone to do something together, you can get pineapple emoji with a positive reply: “- How about eating pancake this evening? – That sounds perfect.”, “- It has been for a while since we last went to the picnic. Do you want to go? – That would be nice.”. It can be used as an approval of an opinion: “- I think some precautions should be taken against global warming. – I think so.”

“It is complicated.”It is complicated

It is known that people can set its relationship as “it is complicated” on Facebook. They express this using pineapple emoji on Snapchat. When a user puts pineapple emoji on Snapchat, we should understand that he doesn’t want a relationship and he doesn’t want to be alone either. This has been a trend among teenagers for a while. Some of them prefer to look confusing that may be the reason why they put this emoji in their texts.

The symbol of feminismThe symbol of feminism

Pineapple has been regarded as the symbol of feminism for a while. We can see the picture of a pineapple on many things from clothes to decoration. Women prefer patterns with pineapple very much. When a woman sends a message with this emoji, she may be using it as a symbol of feminism.


Pineapple emoji can sometimes be used while flirting. As it is known, people flirt with texting, and they use this emoji while they are texting. Its meaning is understood as saying “It tastes good.” Guys especially send this emoji to their girlfriends or lovers.

People use some emojis while flirting as well. Pineapple is one of those emojis that are used while flirting. It usually means saying “I want to taste it.”, “I want to taste something delicious.”. The thing that is wanted might be an ass. When guys send to the girls they want to say things like these:  “Do you want me to taste it?”. This emoji is sometimes sent on dating apps. Many people use such apps to find a lover, partner or someone for flirting. They send pineapple emoji to each other, and here its meaning is the same in flirting context.

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