What does the heart eye emoji mean

What does the heart eye emoji mean and how to use it?

We have been seeing many emojis including heart symbol on social media in recent times. Heart eye emoji is one of the most preferred ones. What does the heart eye emoji mean? It is often meant expressing love, charm or even happiness.

The origin of the heart eyes emoji

The origin of this emoji is thought to come from cartoons. We are used to seeing that characters’ eyes become hearts when they fall in love with someone in cartoons.

Expressing Love

Expressing Love

What does the heart eye emoji mean? As we are used to seeing it in cartoons, this emoji means expressing love to someone. Guys send this emoji to the girls that they like. If you got this emoji from a guy, he is showing his love to you.

We sometimes see this emoji in the comments that are left under the photos of some famous people or celebrities on their social media profiles. These people have many fans, and a lot of people loves them. Their fans show their love to these people by sending messages including this emoji.

It is sometimes used to express love to something. It may be anything such as an animal or something else. For example, a person who loves cats very much can write a comment including heart eye emoji about a cat picture: “What a beautiful cat!”

Feeling Happy

Another common usage of the heart eye emoji is about expressing happiness. For example, two friends are texting: “- Do you want to come to the party this evening? – That is great. I would love to come!” The happy heart can be put at the end of this message to show happiness.

Being Charmed

Some people use this emoji when they are charmed by someone. Guys especially send this emoji to the girls that they like on social media or dating apps. Girls that receive this emoji should understand that the guys who send this emoji like them.

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