What does the green heart emoji mean

What does the green heart emoji mean? Green heart emoji using

People like texting on social media very much thanks to the improvement of colourful and lovely emojis. They can express their feelings with those emojis. The green heart emoji is one of the most preferred emojis but some people wonder what does the green heart emoji mean, and he wonders why it is used instead of a red heart. As it is widely known, the heart is the symbol of love, and we can say that the green heart is also the symbol of love even if its colour is different.

The Symbol Of Love Since Old Times

For those who ask what does the green heart emoji mean and why it is green, we can say it is about colour. The heart has been the symbol of love since old times.

Green heart emoji

Thousands of poems, novels, words have been written, thousands of songs have been composed of love. The heart has always been part of these. things. Today, people send heart emojis to express their love to each other. Although its original colour is red, sometimes people may prefer to send the green heart emoji. That may be because they like green. Everybody has a different pleasure and point of view. Some people don’t like red. They like green instead. So if you have a lover and he sends you this emoji, you shouldn’t bother as he may not like red colour. You may send him the green heart emoji, as well.

The Love Of Nature

green heart emoji nature

The meaning of the green heart emoji may be about the love of nature. Some people love nature very much. In this case, the answer to the question what does the green heart emoji mean is easy. It is nature. These people love being in nature. They go trekking, walk in the forests, climb to the mountains, go swimming and things like that. You can see their photos taken in nature, while swimming, climbing to a mountain or cycling on their social media profiles. They also leave comments under these photos. They write things like they love nature, it is good to be in the forest or cycling is fun. They use the green heart emoji at the end of their texts. If you have such friends, you shouldn’t be surprised while reading their texts with this emoji.

The Symbol Of Growth and Renewal

According to a different point of view, the answer to the question what does the green heart emoji mean is different. According to this thought, green symbolizes the growth and renewal. We are in a growing progress since we were born. And this progress continues until the end of life. While the person grows, he realizes more details about life. He improves his point of view. He realizes his faults, becomes aware of his positive and negative sides. So he doesn’t make the same faults, and he tries to improve his positive attitudes. When he manages to do this, he can succeed in his life. This is regarded as growth and renewal. Those who are aware of this use the green heart emoji as the symbol of growth. When you get this emoji from someone, you should think that he has positive thoughts about you and your relationship is making progress.

Keeping In The “Friend Zone”


According to another point of view, some girls use it to express that the guy who is interested in them is not enough to take him out of their “friend zone.”    Most girls have friend zones, and all guys are kept in there at first. It is up to the ability of that guy to get out of the “friend zone.” If he has the necessary skills that make the girl love him, there may be a flirt. Otherwise, he will always be her friend. If you are in such a situation, our answer to the question what does the green heart emoji mean is that you are not enough to be her lover. In other words, if she sent you this emoji, she may want to say that she likes you as a friend. But she doesn’t have emotional feelings about you as she thinks you are not good enough to be her lover.


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