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What does the goat emoji mean? How to use it?

Goat emoji is one of the animal emojis that are used. This emoji has a side look with long horns. Ewe emoji has a similar character to this. What does the goat emoji mean? The meaning of this emoji can be used to refer to the goat itself as well as its meaning can be attributed to some traits of character like stubbornness, anger, aggressiveness, and stupidity. Goat emoji is also used to represent the Capricorn zodiac sign. Apart from that, g.o.a.t. is the acronym of “greatest of all time”. So, this emoji is sometimes used to refer to athletes.

Farm animalFarm animal

Goat is a well-known farm animal that is fed for its meat and milk. In some cases, this emoji can be put in a text message that is about a goat. For example: “I fed the goat. It is time to go out.”, “- What should we eat for dinner? – I think goat would be nice.” Someone who likes goats can put this emoji in his message as well: “I like goats. They are lovely animals.”

Traits of character

Goats are known for their stubbornness and aggressiveness. Because of that, goat emoji can be used to represent such behaviors. It can be put in a text to write about these people who have such character traits: “He is so stubborn as a goat.”, “You are too angry. You need to calm down.”, “Although I explain it for several times, he doesn’t want to understand what I say.”

Insulting a personInsulting a person

As these character traits that are attributed to goats aren’t good, goat emoji can be sent to someone to insult him: “Although I warn you that not to do this act, you insist on doing it. You are stubborn.”, “You can’t persuade him about something that he doesn’t believe. He is such a hard head.”, “It is not good to behave so rudely to people around you. If you keep doing that, there will be no friend around you.”

Capricorn zodiac sign

In some cases, goat emoji can be used to refer to the Capricorn zodiac sign. It can be used in a dialogue that is about them: “- Do you believe in zodiac signs? – No, I don’t. – What is your sign? – It is Capricorn.”

Greatest of All TimeGreatest of All Time

As goat is the acronym of “greatest of all time”, goat emoji is sometimes used to write about success. It can be used in messages especially about athletes when they have a victory. Especially if an athlete breaks a record, this emoji can be used to write about his new record.

Goat In Islam

Muslims celebrate the feast of sacrifice once a year. Those who have enough budget sacrifice a bovine animal. It can be camel, calf, sheep or a goat. Because of that, goat is one of the symbols of this celebration. They send celebration messages to each other or write a celebration message on their social media profiles. Goat emoji is one of the most used emojis in these messages.

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