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What does the ghost emoji mean? How to use the ghost emoji?

We have seen smiley emojis as well as interesting ones in our text messages. One of those interesting emojis is a ghost. Having a scary face with different sized eyes and tongue sticking out, ghost emoji looks as if it wants to scare someone. What does the ghost emoji mean? Its horrible look can be used to make a joke to someone to scare him. Ghost emoji can be put in the text message when someone expresses his crazy mood, teases a person, writes about a horror movie, Halloween, a song about a ghost, other things related to ghosts, or he is kidding. Some of the features that belong to ghosts are sometimes attributed to a specific character or behavior.

What does the ghost emoji mean?

Making a jokeMaking a joke

Many people like making jokes. These jokes make some people crazy as well as some of them enjoy. When someone wants to make a joke to scare his friend, he can put this emoji in his text message. It is like saying “boo!” to someone. It can be a great opening message. For example, it can be sent in the morning so that the person who gets this will see it when he looks at his phone after he gets up. It is quite possible that he will be scared at first. It can be used while texting in this way: “- I will tell you something important. – What is that? – Boo!” The way of its use can vary according to creativity.

Expressing crazinessExpressing craziness

Sometimes people go crazy. They do exciting things when they are out of mind. Ghost emoji might be the expression of this mood because of its wild look. It means that “I am in a crazy mood. I can do anything that comes to my mind. Beware!” When you see one of your friends putting this emoji in his text with some crazy words, it should be wise to stay away from him for a while. However, in some cases, it can be an offer: “How about having fun?”. It can be a ghost party: “Hey, we are having a ghost party. Everybody will wear horrible things, and we will get mad. Do you want to join us?” You can join them if you feel the same.


Ghost emoji is sometimes used as a symbolization of Halloween with other well-known symbols such as pumpkin or witch. So, it can be seen in some texts that are about Halloween: “We have Halloween party this evening.”, “Is everybody ready for Halloween?”.

Teasing a person

Ghost emoji can be sent to the person to tease him because the character is sticking out its tongue. When someone writes something odd, he can get a teasing message with this emoji. In these cases, it is meant “Dude, what is writing about?”, “I don’t understand what you mean,” “Are you serious?”, “It is nonsense.” For example: “- I think there is a parallel universe. – You must be joking.”


Sometimes ghost emoji can be sent just for kids: “- I don’t think you are serious. – Haha, I am only kidding.”, “- The thing you said isn’t nice. – Don’t worry; I am just kidding.”

Movies about ghosts

Many movies are about ghosts. This emoji can be put in the message while writing about these movies: “I am watching a ghost movie and it is enjoyable.”, “- Ghostbusters is amazing!”.

Horror movies

Ghost emoji can be used to symbolize horror movies or series as well. We can see this emoji when the topic is about these: “I have just watched an episode of American Horror Stories. It is scary!”, “I think I will have difficulty with sleeping tonight as I watched a horror movie.”

Face screaming in fearFace screaming in fear

People sometimes put ghost emoji in their messages to express their face screaming in terror. We especially see that girls sometimes scream when they see an insect: “Yesterday, I saw an insect in my bedroom, and it was horrible!”. Someone who has a fear of the dark can use this in his expression: “Electricity has gone, and I am scared!”.

Some of the features are attributed to a character or behavior

The meaning of the ghost emoji isn’t only about the ghost itself. It may be used while writing about those who act like ghosts. For example, it can be used as an expression of calmness: “Thank you for listening to me calmly.”. As ghost move fast, that can be attributed to the character of someone: “He is good at solving problems fast. He has a quick mind that he can give fast answers to the questions.”

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