fist emoji mean

What does the fist emoji mean? How to use it?

Fist emoji is one of the most used hand emojis. This emoji has different meanings according to the situations. What does the fist emoji mean? When we see this emoji most of us reminds a punch. However, the meaning of this emoji is often regarded as celebrating a success, saying hello to a friend, representing friendship and things like these. It is rarely used to refer to a fight or punching someone. Those who are interested in boxing can use fist emoji in their messages.

Celebrating a successCelebrating a success

Fist emoji can be put in any text that includes a celebration of any success. A student gets a high mark on an exam; a person wins the tournament, a lady who goes to the gym loses weight, a guy who wants to build his body goes to the gym and gains weight. Many examples can be given about success. In these situations, this emoji can be sent to them as a symbol of their success with a celebration message: “I have just heard that you got 100 on your exam. It is great!.” Someone who wants to share his success story can put fist emoji in his message as well: “It is the first month of a gym, and I have lost 1 kilogram.”

Saying “hello.”

Some friends send fist emoji to each other to say “hello”. It means closeness and sincerity of their friendship.

Representing a friendshipRepresenting a friendship

Apart from saying “hello,” some good friends can put this emoji in their messages. That represents their sincere friendship. It can be put in any dialogue between them: “- Hey, are you coming to the event tomorrow? – Yes, I am. – When can we meet? – At eight o’clock. – All-right.” So, this emoji means “all-right,” “done,” “fine,” “understood.”, “ok.” in such dialogues.

Representing fightRepresenting fight

Fist emoji looks like a punch and someone may think that punch is ready to hit a person. Although fist emoji is not used in this form very much, it is used to represent a punch. Especially if it is combined with an angry face emoji, it may express anger, aggressive attitude: “That guy makes me crazy. I can’t stand the words that he says. I try to be patient, but if he continues to act in the same way, it will not be good for him.” Besides, fist emoji can be used in a text to represent boxing. Those who are interested in this sport often add fist emoji to their messages.

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