What does the fire emoji mean

We see many colorful and different emojis on social media and in our text messages. One of these colorful emojis is fire. What does the fire emoji mean? Its direct meaning is related to fire, that can be a campfire or fire of a building. The other meanings may be love, energy, hate, and any other strong emotion. Besides, guys use this emoji to make compliments by saying “you are hot” to the girls and they express their desires to the girls.


When someone uses fire emoji in his text, he might mean the actual fire. For example, it can be campfire: “It was an enjoyable weekend. We went camping, had a campfire.”. It may be used about a fire in a place: “There has been a fire in a hotel near my home.”


Fire emoji can be used to express love. It can be put in expressions like these: “I have fallen in love. My heart is burning.”, “I love you so much.”


The meaning of fire emoji can be related to energy. Those who do sports or spend their energy while doing different tasks may put this emoji in their messages: “I am going to the gym. It is time to burn calories.”, “Running is great, I am happy to lose weight.”, “Burning calories and getting stronger.”

Saying “hot.”

Some guys send fire emoji to the girls that they are interested in. Girls share pictures of them on social media and other platforms like dating apps. Some people use these platforms to find a partner. If the girl is beautiful and attractive, she can get many fire emojis from guys. That means many guys think that the girl is very “gorgeous” and she is desired very much. If you aren’t that kind of girl who gets many fire emojis but still gets fire emoji from someone, you should feel lucky as there is someone who likes you.

Hate and AngerHate and Anger

Fire emoji can be used as an expression of negative feelings such as hate or anger. When someone gets angry with something, he can use fire emoji: “Electricity has gone for two hours. I am about to get crazy!”, “I don’t understand why you do this all the time.”. This emoji can be used in expressions that are about hate: “I hate him as he always does crazy things that make me angry.”

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