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What does the envelope emoji mean?

There are different emojis about communication. One of these emojis is the envelope. Envelope emoji is shown as the paper case that is used to send or receive letters. What does the envelope emoji mean? As it can be guessed from its look, envelope emoji usually means sending or receiving a message, e-mail, phone call, postal service or any other message in general terms. In rarely usage forms, it could be used as a symbol of office work, office worker, package, courier, and message in a bottle. Envelope emoji is also used as default icon of message in most platforms. Sometimes envelope emoji is misunderstood by people. They think it is the ballot box with X emoji. So, they think their device can’t display the current emoji.

Before we dig into the meanings of the envelope emoji, let’s take a look at the history of the envelope:

The history of the envelopeThe history of envelope

Envelope has a long history. It has been used since 2000 B.C. Nearly 4000 years ago, the Babylonians created the first envelope with using clay. The original tablet message was covered with wet clay. Then, it was dried to keep it safe. So, it was essential to break the clay envelope in order to see the original tablet message. At this point, the history of the envelope started.

This cover was turned into the paper in time. However, only rich people could get a paper envelope at first. The address could be written on the back of the letter.

Today, envelopes are being used for many purposes. Millions of envelopes are produced each year. They can be got in different sizes, styles, and shapes. They are especially used in business. For example, remittance envelopes are used for sending monthly bills. Envelopes are used for individual purposes as well. They are mostly used for covering wedding invitation cards. These envelopes are decorated and sent to friends and relatives.

Communicating via text messages has been very important since old times. That is why letter and envelope haven’t lost their importance. Just as an envelope is used to send messages via paper, envelope emoji is used to send text messages online.

You have got a messageYou have got a message

When this emoji is put in a text, the person usually wants to imply that you have a message. If you got this from your friend, maybe he has an important message for you. So, you should open it as soon as you can. You can also send envelope emoji to someone to say that he has a message from you.

The symbol of e-mailThe symbol of e-mail

As the envelope is the symbol of mail, it can be used as a symbol of e-mail as well. For example, a group of friends is texting, and someone writes that he has sent something via e-mail. In this case, he can put envelope emoji in his message and reminds that he has sent an e-mail.

It can be used in a text message when a person waits for an important e-mail: “You know we should hurry on this project. I need to get the necessary information via e-mail quickly.”

In some cases, it can be sent to communicate via e-mail: “I think we should continue our communication via e-mail on this work. What is your e-mail address?”

The symbol of the letterThe symbol of letter

Although the letter isn’t one of the common ways of communication that are used today, it is used on necessary occasions. So, a person can put envelope emoji in his message to imply letter: “We should send a letter for him to explain our needs. That may be more effective.”

Office workOffice work

As the envelope is a part of office work, envelope emoji can be written as a synonym for office work. Those who are working at offices can sometimes put this emoji while they are texting to imply their work: “I am at the office. There are lots of things to do.”, “It is work time. There are a lot of e-mails that must be replied.”

Inviting someone to an eventInviting someone to an event

When there is an organized event such as a birthday party, wedding ceremony, engagement or any other party, envelope emoji can be used to invite someone to the event. This emoji can be sent with invitation messages like these: “Hey, I will have a birthday party this evening. I would be happy if you come!”, “We will have a party tomorrow evening. Do you want to join?”, “We will be engaged next month. I would like to see you, too.”

Combining with gift emoji

When envelope emoji is combined with a gift emoji, it is meant to say that someone has a courier. It can be used in this kind of message: “You had a courier yesterday, but you weren’t at home. So, I took it.”

Combining with new year emojis

There some emojis that can be used to celebrate the new year. Tree emoji, party emoji are some of them. Envelope emoji can be combined with these new year emojis, and that means the person has a new year message: “Happy new year! Please have a look at your mailbox to see your new year message.”

Combining with princess and arrow emojisCombining with princess and arrow emojis

Envelope emoji can be combined with princess and arrow emojis so that its meaning is attributed to the movie called “Letters to Juliet.” This combination can be used in such a dialogue: “- Do you like watching a movie? – Yes, of course. – What is your favorite movie? – It is ‘Letters to Juliet.’ – That is great.”

Combining with bar chart and performing arts emojisCombining with bar chart and performing arts emojis

Envelope emoji can be combined with bar chart and performing arts emojis. In this case, it is meant to say the movie called “Office Drama”. This combination can be used in this dialogue: “- Have you seen Office Drama? It is a great movie. – No, I haven’t seen it, yet.”

The message of something

Sometimes discussions are made about movies, articles, novels or poems. People usually ask the message of them. So, a person can put envelope emoji in his text to refer to the message of any of them. For example, two friends are texting about a movie: “- Have you seen Titanic? – Yes, I have. – What is the message of the movie according to you?”, It may be used in a conversation that is about Shakespeare: “- Do you like Shakespeare? – Yes, I do. – What is the most important message that he gives us?”

Misunderstanding of the envelope emojiMisunderstanding of the envelope emoji

Some people think that it is the ballot box with x symbol when they see the envelope emoji. Because they look similar to each other. In this case, most of them think that the device can’t display the related symbol or emoji. So, you should see and understand if it is the ballot box or envelope.

Combining with clapperboard, closed mailbox with raised flag, and optical disc emojis

Sometimes envelope emoji is combined with clapperboard, locked mailbox with raised flag, and optical emojis. According to some resources, it is meant to say Netflix, the online movie and series streaming platform. When it is combined with these emojis, envelope emoji can be used in such a dialogue: “- What will you watch on Netflix today? – I will watch The Walking Dead.”

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