eggplant emoji mean

What does the real eggplant emoji mean?

We have seen many colorful messages with different kinds of emojis on social media and other platforms. These emojis are being used very much.  However, the meanings of some emojis aren’t known. Eggplant emoji is one of them. Although it is used much, many people don’t understand the meaning of this emoji, and they ask what does the eggplant emoji mean.

The answer to the question of what does the eggplant emoji mean may be different according to the situation. This emoji has been regarded as the symbol of the male genital organ because of the similarity of its shape with the male organ in recent times. So many people have been using this emoji while they are texting about romantic issues.

Hot Men Use Eggplant emoji

For men who wonder what does the eggplant emoji mean, we can say that if a man uses this emoji, he may want to say that he is hot. If he is writing about his passionate desires with this emoji, that means he wants to have romantic moments. Especially if he is writing to a lady, it is entirely possible that he desires her. There are many dating apps and social media platforms. People meet, and some of them are lovers on these platforms. Some of the men may send messages with this emoji to the ladies even without meeting once.

eggplant emoji

Because people share their photos on these platforms and they can like them or not before they meet. If a lady gets a message including eggplant emoji from a man and she desires him, they can arrange a meeting and spend time together. But if the woman doesn’t like a man and doesn’t think to have a romantic relationship, she shouldn’t reply to his messages anymore not to waste their time.

Hot women use eggplant emoji

We can say the same thing for women. Just as men, they can have passionate desires and they can express it with this emoji. For women who wonder what does the eggplant emoji mean, we can say you can use it in your messages when you desire to sleep together. Men often send the first messages on dating apps and social media platforms.

eggplant emoji meaning


As women get lots of messages, they can be picky about who they want to sleep together. When a woman finds the right man that she likes, she can go on a conversation with him and send him an eggplant emoji. A man should understand that the woman desires him and he can offer a meeting. He can invite her to his home or to a hotel. He will probably be accepted.

Implying Condom

eggplant emoji


As eggplant emoji is regarded as a male genital organ, it may also be regarded as a condom. Some people who are writing about condoms may use this emoji. For example, a person can use this emoji while he is writing that he used a condom. This emoji may also be used to write anything related to the condom. For example, it is written that condom is necessary to prevent pregnancy. However, there is always a little possibility. Eggplant emoji can be used after this statement to make it visual.

Eggplant with other emojis

Eggplant with mouth emoji

Eggplant with mouth emoji


The eggplant emoji mean is not only related to passionate desires but also it is related to other intercourses. A man or woman can’t send this combination to someone who has just met. But it can be used to offer to spend a good time with his or her partner  to the partner in the following period of the relationship. However, it should be used carefully. If your partner doesn’t like it, you shouldn’t insist. Otherwise, your relationship may be harmed.

Eggplant with peach emoji

Eggplant with peach emoji


Sometimes, eggplant emoji is combined with peach emoji. In this case, the answer that we can give to the question of what does the eggplant emoji mean is that the person wants to sleep together. The reason is that the shape of the peach emoji looks like a woman butt. Men should use this carefully. If a man offers it to the woman he just met, he will probably be refused. He should wait for the right time to offer it.  When there is sincerity and the relationship makes progress, he can make his offer with these emojis. In this case, his partner may like that.

Eggplant with sweat droplets emoji

Eggplant emoji is also combined with sweat droplets emoji. What does the eggplant emoji mean in this case? It means that the person wants to imply ejaculation. When a person is writing about his experience, he can use this emoji while he is writing that ejaculation happened. Eggplant with sweat droplets emoji may also be written to give information about ejaculation to the public.

Japanese Superstition

According to the Japanese superstition, eggplant brings luck. If a person dreams an eggplant on the first night of the new year, he is considered lucky. So we can see this emoji in Japanese messages very much. They can use this emoji while they are writing about their dreams. If someone saw eggplant in his dream, he can write it with eggplant emoji happily.

Those Who Love Eggplants

Of course, we can’t say that eggplant emoji is only related to these terms or superstitions when someone asks what does the eggplant emoji mean. It is quite possible that eggplant emoji is about eggplant vegetable. Some people love this vegetable very much. They make different kinds of meals while using eggplant vegetable. We can see many housewives who make meals with eggplants and share their pictures on social media. When they share those pictures, they can use eggplant emoji.

Farmers Use Eggplant emoji

six Eggplant emojis

What does the eggplant emoji mean for the farmers? It means business for them. Farmers who grow eggplants in their farms may use this emoji while they are writing messages. For example, they can say that they grew some eggplants and sold them at good prices. After writing these, they can add an eggplant emoji.

Sellers Use This Emoji To Promote Their Products

Sellers Use eggplant emoji

Sellers who buy and sell eggplants can use this emoji on their social media profiles. As it is known, many products can be sold online. So these sellers can use eggplants emoji to promote their products and increase their sales.

Eggplants have a cute shape

As it is a purple vegetable with a round shape, some people like eggplants for its shape and color. So they use eggplants emoji in their messages. People who like purple also like eggplants. What does the eggplant emoji mean in this case? We can say that these people like to use this emoji to make their messages colorful and lovely. These people can also use eggplants emoji in their happy moods. For example, this can be an announcement of a meal party.

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