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What does the cherry emoji mean? How to use it?

Fruit emojis are very popular on many platforms today. Cherry is one of those. What does the cherry emoji mean? This emoji has several meanings including healthy food, healthy eating habits, summer, desserts, songs that are about cherries. It is used while texting to imply  “hot”. As the symbol of it is used as bonus points in some games, cherry emoji is used instead of bonus points in some cases.

What does the cherry emoji mean?

Healthy foodHealthy food

Cherry is red fruit, and it has many benefits for health. So, what does the cherry emoji mean? It is used as a symbol of healthy food and living style. We can see this emoji in many posts that are related to healthy eating and lifestyle on social media. Many people adopt a healthy lifestyle and eating habits. Cherry is one of the favorite foods of these people. They make healthy foods using this fruit, take pictures of them and share them on their social media profiles. You can see comments like these: “That is my breakfast.” “I love this food!”, “This is so delicious.”, “It looks wonderful!”.


Cherry is a fruit that is grown in summer. Because of that, this emoji can be used as a symbol of the summer. You can see this emoji in many posts about the love of summer and cherries. Someone who likes summer very much: “I love summer. I hope it comes soon and I can eat cherries.”, “Summer, cherries, and sun. These are my favorites.”, “I am waiting for the summer.”. “Summer is nice.”.


Cherry is a well-known fruit that is included in a lot of desserts. This emoji can be used while writing about desserts that include cherry. Someone who desires a cherry dessert: “I wish I would have a cup of cherry dessert now.” A woman who writes how to make a cherry dessert: “Read my latest cherry dessert recipe. I am sure you will like it.” Someone who is having cherry dessert: “I am having a delicious cherry dessert. It is my favorite.”

What does the cherry emoji mean in texting?

Cherry emoji is one of the most used emojis while texting. Texting has been prevalent, and it is made between couples and lovers. Cherry is often used when guys say things like “beautiful,” “sweety” to their girlfriends while texting: “Hey sweety, do you want to have fun?”, “my beautiful lover.” It can be used to offer to spend a good time for the girls: “Baby, do you want to spend tonight with me?” There are many dating apps. People meet, chat and some of them arrange to date, go further in their relationships. In these dating apps, sleeping together is offered to the girls as well. Guys can send this emoji to the girls that they are interested and offer them it: “Hi sweety, how about having a beautiful night?”, “Hey cutie, do you want to come to my home this evening?”.

Making ComplimentsMaking Compliments

Cherry is a sweet fruit. So, this emoji is used to make compliments to the girls. They often send this emoji while writing things like “you are beautiful.” “you are so hot and beautiful,” “I love you so much,” “You are so attractive.” Their friends also make similar comments when they share their photos on their social media profiles.

“I am beautiful.”

Sometimes girls use this emoji in their texts to express “I am beautiful.” Putting cherry emoji in text messages is a way of saying “I am attractive.” Girls usually take photos of themselves, share them on their social media profiles and add comments like “Another beautiful photo of me,” “wild beauty.” They also put cherry emoji in their comments. In this way, they want to express their beauty and attractiveness. Some celebrities and models may also set this emoji in their messages to show their beauty.

Bonus points

Cherry emoji is used as bonus points in some games so that it is often used while texting about bonus points and computer games: “It is a lucky day that I got all bonus points.”, “Finally, I collected all bonus points and finished the game.”, “Hey, can you send me some cherries? (He means whether he can send him some bonus points)”. Cherry emoji can be put near bonus points in these messages.

Songs About CherriesSongs About Cherries

As many song lyrics include cherry, cherry emoji can be put in messages while writing about lyrics that are about cherries: “I am listening to the cherry song, and it is amazing.”, “You should listen to the cherry song. I am sure you will like it.”

Cartoons that include cherry

Cherry is a beautiful and tasty fruit. Because of that, it is used in many cartoons to get interested in children. Many children watch these cartoons and like them very much. This emoji can be used in messages that are about cherry cartoons.

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