butterfly emoji mean

What does the butterfly emoji mean? How to use it?

We can see many colorful emojis that are being used in text messages on social media. Animal emojis have been very popular. Especially butterfly emojis are preferred much. What does the butterfly emoji mean? It has a few meanings including well-known insect, beauty, positive change and nature.

Well known insect

Everybody knows these colorful insects. Many people like butterflies. Because of that, they may prefer to use this emoji in their messages. For example, we can see a lot of comments including this emoji about a photo of a beautiful butterfly. If you ask what does the butterfly emoji mean, the answer is simple here: it is butterfly itself.

Nature lovers

Some people are nature lovers. They love everything about nature. A butterfly is a part of nature, and they like it. Some of them take photos of butterflies and share them on their social media profiles, and they add butterfly emoji in their comments. What does the butterfly emoji mean? It symbolizes not only butterfly but also their love of nature.

The symbol of beauty

Many people know the transformation of a butterfly. It transforms from larva which is a less beautiful form of a butterfly. In this case, the butterfly is considered as the symbol of beauty. This emoji has been one of the latest Instagram trends. Many celebrities, actresses, models and women singers share their beautiful photos with their comments including butterfly emoji. What does the butterfly emoji mean? This emoji symbolizes their beauty.



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