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What does the box emoji mean? How to use it?

Box emoji is one of different emojis that you may see on your smartphone or tablet. Along with box emoji, it is also known as a ballot box, frame, frame with x an x emoji. As it sometimes appears on such devices, the meaning of the box emoji is wondered. What does the box emoji mean? It is not an emoji. It is a special symbol, and that can be used in almost all devices. As there is a space in the box, it can be used as a synonym for nonsense, meaningless. Besides, it can be replaced with rectangular or square because of its shape. It can be seen as the box with X symbol as well. In this case, its meaning is that the device can’t display the related emoji correctly.

What does the box emoji mean?


Because there is a space in this character, it can be used to give a reply to meaningless words or expressions: “- I think all women are crazy. – ??!!”, “- All world is a waste – ?!!?”. Sometimes, people write nonsense expressions just because they want. In this case, they can put the box emoji: “I believe that whole life is shit.”, “There is no justice anywhere.”, “It is true that sometimes I write nonsense.”

Square shape

As its shape is square, the box emoji can be used when someone wants to write something about square. It may be a math problem or something else: “Math was the hardest part of the exam.”

The box with X SymbolThe box with X Symbol

If you see the box with X symbol, that means your device can’t display the character or emoji correctly. You need to install the latest version of ios or Android. When you connect, your problem will be solved, and the box emoji with X symbol will not appear again.

The box with Question Mark Symbol

The meaning of the box with question mark symbol is similar to the meaning of the box with x mark. If you see this emoji, there might be a problem with displaying the character or emoji.

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