black moon emoji

What does the black moon emoji mean?

The black moon emoji is one of the different moon emojis. This emoji has a bit weird look, but it is preferred by many users anyway. What does the black moon emoji mean? This emoji can be used in two meanings: One of them is expressing a creepy or weird mood or any action, and the other is expressing a sense of humor. In some cases, it is used to give a sneaky meaning to a message.

Feeling weirdFeeling weird

As the black moon emoji has a creepy look, it is put in text messages when people have strange feelings and to express them. For example: “I feel so weird. My mind is complicated. There are different thoughts.”, “It is a boring day. I don’t know what to do.”

This emoji can be used to refer to people who do weird actions as well: “He is such an interesting person. Sometimes, I can’t understand what he wants to say or what he does.”

The black moon emoji can be added into a text message to refer to horror movies or stories: “I watched a horror movie last night and it was horrible.”

Expressing the sense of humorExpressing sense of humour

Although it is used to express weird feelings or actions, the black moon emoji is put in text messages as an expression of a sense of humor. In this case, there is no difference between the meaning of other smiley emojis. It can be used to mean smiling, laughing, having fun, enjoyment and more.

Having fun

The black moon emoji is used in many manipulations of photos. People add this emoji to them and have fun. For example, this emoji is replaced with a serious face so that it has a smiling look. It is replaced with a moon in a photo and is sent to a friend to say “good night.” The black moon emoji is also seen in the pictures of cartoon characters. The face of these characters are changed with this emoji, and they look funny.

Expressing sneaky thoughtsExpressing sneaky thoughts

Some people put the black moon emoji to reveal their sneaky thoughts. For guys, these thoughts are often about showing his passion. So, they can send this emoji to the girls to offer hot moments. In this context, the black moon emoji is usually sent while texting or flirting to sending hot messages, compliments and more. For example: “Can I see what is on you?”

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