black heart emoji mean

What does the black heart emoji mean? When should you use it?

Everyone’s mood can be different. Sometimes our attitude can change a few times over the same day. At the end of a pleased day, we can hear a very bad new and our mood can be changed entirely. Likewise, after a day we are miserable we can get excellent news and be very happy. Today, we express our spirit with emojis, so we need to find a different emoji for each mood. Especially different colors make us express our feelings in the most explicit way. While red color expresses beautiful feelings like love, white color represents purity and cleanliness, the same meaning you can find in black heart emoji mean.

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In the same way, we can express the color of our country or a team we hold by colors. In this sense, colored emojis have a great place in social media. In the last days, colored heart emojis are becoming favorite day by day. In particular, the colorful hearts that express some clear emotions have become even more popular. You can see color heart is often in Whatsapp statuses. Colored heart emojis can give many pieces of information about your mood and your feelings at the same time. You can find heart emoji in several different colors on the emoji keyboard. But, when we look generally, the most commonly used heart colors are black and red. Because these two emoji and colors can completely reflect our mood. Do you know what does the black heart emoji mean in reality?

Which emotions does the Black Heart Emoji Mean?

Black Heart emoji text

One of the most beautiful emojis that reflects our mood is black heart emoji. I do not think it’s a better emoji that indicates a bad mood. What does black heart emoji mean to us? It’s dark, cold, pessimistic, bad weather, is not it? In fact, we can be found in this mood many times during the day, so this emoji is full ours. The black color also refers to mourning at the same time. We lose someone we love, and for this reason, we feel great sadness. We share pictures or notes reminiscent of the beautiful times we spent with them. The best thing about these shares is a black heart emoji. When a loved one dies, our heart is as if it were in the same emoji, and while we are happy in the day, the moment we remember that person, our heart becomes black.

Well, why precisely black heart emotion mean our soul? What we call the heart is something that expresses love in general. But at the same time, the heart represents our unit heart and inner world. When we feel any emotion, we think it through the heart. If we feed beautiful emotions, our hearts will be red, or if we feel bad emotions, our hearts will become black. For this reason, emoji which reflects the worst and sad mood is the black heart emoji.

How does the black heart emoji mean the lifestyle

What does the black heart emoji mean

Some people represent a dark soul as temperament. In general, they live their lives in this way, and their moods do not change. These people also add black heart emoji to their moods not only in their messages but also in social media. Blackheart emoji, unlike other emojis, expresses emotions accurately. For example, you may not know exactly how someone feels about sending a yellow heart emoji, but you know that the person sending the black heart emoji has a bad mood. So if somebody you love has shared a black heart emoji in social media, you should ask if it is a problem and ask what the bleak heart emoji mean to them.

There is a benefit in saying that. Some people use black heart emoji for humor purposes only. For this reason, when you see that someone you like shares something like this, you can understand what the black heart emoji use for what purpose you know it.

By the word of death, your mind may come to the end of people. But let us not forget that not only people but also feelings can die. The opinions of a woman who is deceived by her beloved lover can even die, and the feelings of a person who learns that her friend is lying can die. Now, we can say that the senses can die in the same way as people, making our heart black. The most helpful emoji is the black heart emoji mean, which best describes our heartbreak, our pessimistic thoughts, our dark days.


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