What does the avocado emoji mean

What does the avocado emoji mean?

We have been seeing different fruit emojis in messages. Many people prefer avocado emoji. What does the avocado emoji mean? As avocado is healthy food, this emoji is often regarded as the symbol of a healthy lifestyle and vegetarians. Because its shape and inside look different, it is also used to describe men who look straight but in fact, they are gays.

Healthy lifestyle

Healthy lifestyle with avocado emoji

Some people adopt a healthy lifestyle. They do sports regularly, eat healthy foods, vegetables, and fruits. Avocado is a well-known fruit that has benefits for health. What does the avocado emoji mean? It is used as an expression of a healthy lifestyle and eating habits. Someone who eats this fruit can take a picture of avocado and share its image on his profile. He can add a comment like that: “It is delicious.”


As they don’t eat meat, vegetarians prefer vegetables and fruits. Avocado is one of their favorites. So, you shouldn’t get surprised when you see a friend of yours using this emoji, and you know he is a vegetarian.



This emoji is sometimes used to write about a man who looks straight but he is gay. These men tend to hide their romantic decisions due to some reasons. What does the avocado emoji mean? This emoji is used to imply these men: “- Have you heard the rumor about your friend? – No, what is it? – He is an avocado. – Really? I didn’t know that.”

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