What does the alien emoji mean

What does the alien emoji mean? How to use it?

We have seen many kinds of emojis, and alien emoji is one of those exciting emojis. What does the alien emoji mean? If you see alien emoji in a box, it indicates that your phone doesn’t support that character. Because of that, it shows you alien in the box. If you see the picture of an alien with a friendly-looking face, it may be thought as feeling like an alien.  On the other hand, it is expressing the feeling of being weird or quirky in some place, writing about something that is out of the world due to its particular properties, writing about a movie or a cartoon that is about aliens, those who are like spies, alienation and having fun.

What does the alien emoji mean?

Your phone doesn’t support the characterYour phone doesn’t support the characterYour phone doesn’t support the character

What does the alien emoji mean? This is a common question. The first reason why you see the alien character in a box is that means your phone doesn’t support the role. In this case, an alien character is shown with a white background. You can download and install the latest version of your ios or Android to get rid of this emoji. Once you connect, your device will be able to show the character appropriately, and the alien will no longer appear.

Feeling like an alienFeeling like an alien

If you see an alien character with a smiling face and dark green color, it is one of the emojis that are being used. Some people prefer to use alien emoji to express their strange feelings. People sometimes have these strange feelings like feeling themselves alone, isolated as if they don’t belong to the place where they are: “I sometimes question myself about whether I belong to this world.” “It is a boring day. I feel lonely.”

Having funHaving fun

As it is a strange character, people may prefer to use alien emoji for fun. Someone can tease his friend by saying that he looks like an alien: “Your makeup is horrible that you look like an alien.” “Hey, I saw you in the street yesterday. You looked funny as if you looked like an alien.” It can be used while inviting someone to an activity or party: “We are having a party tomorrow evening. Its name is aliens party. Do you want to join us?”. Someone can use alien emoji while writing his conspiracy theories about aliens and space: “Actually, we are all aliens” “I believe that one day aliens will conquer the world” “Aliens exist, and they are watching us.”

Writing about extraordinary thingsWriting about extraordinary things

Sometimes we hear things that are hard to believe, and we think these things can’t happen in this world. Alien can be the symbol that we can express these situations. Because of that, this emoji can be used to describe extraordinary things that might not happen in this world: “UFO has been seen.” “-Do you believe in UFOs? – No, I don’t believe these kinds of things. -But, the news says that they have been seen. – I don’t believe anyway.”

Writing about a movie or cartoon

Aliens have been the subject of many movies and cartoons up to now. People may prefer to use this emoji in their text messages while they are writing about movies or cartoons that are about aliens: “- Have you seen Star Wars? – No, I haven’t. – You should see that series. It is wonderful.” “- I have watched Mars Attacks! It is a fascinating movie. In the movie, aliens of Mars attempt to conquer our world but humans stop them. – It sounds interesting. I will watch it.” “- I used to watch cartoons that are about aliens when I was a child. – Great, I used to watch Simpsons.”


According to a belief, aliens exist. Because of that, alien emoji can be regarded as the symbol of superstitious beliefs. Alien emoji can be used while writing about superstitions: “- I think superstitions are ridiculous. I don’t understand how people have such beliefs. – I don’t understand them, too. I think they should be told that their beliefs are nonsense.”, “Superstitions are a waste of time.”

Songs that are about aliens

Many song lyrics have been written that are about aliens up to now. Alien emoji can be sent to those who like listening to songs that are about aliens: “- Do you know what is on the radio? The alien song is playing now. It is your favorite.” “-What kind of songs do you like? – I like songs that are about aliens.”

Those Who Are Like SpiesThose Who Are Like Spies

As the alien character looks like a spy, it can be used while writing about those who act as spies. These people don’t talk to other people very much. They prefer to sit on their own and observe other people. Because of that, they get people’s attention. This emoji can be put in texts while writing about those: “- What do you think about Mary? She doesn’t talk very much. – Yes, she doesn’t. I think she prefers to be alone.”


Alienation has increased much in recent times. Many people have this feeling. Loneliness, aimlessness, emptiness is related to this feeling. These people can write why they act like that: “I like loneliness. That is my choice. I don’t like talking to people. Books and movies are more interesting. I am pleased with my lonely life.”, “Sometimes, I feel like an alien in the world, and this question comes to my mind: Do I belong to this world?”

“What do you mean?”What do you mean

Sometimes we write strange things. In this situation, people may have difficulty understanding. This emoji is sent when someone writes something strange, and it is usually meant to say “What are you talking about?” or “What do you mean?” If you got this emoji from someone after you wrote something complicated, you should revise your message and make it clear. If your girlfriend sent you this emoji, she might have complicated feelings about you or anything else. So, you should ask her if everything is ok. Of course, she may have no aim at all.

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