What does the 100 emoji mean

What does the 100 emoji mean? How you can use it?

Emojis that are related to numbers have been favorite like other emojis. Many people prefer 100 emoji. What does the 100 emoji mean? This emoji has several meanings: getting 100 on the exam, expression of 100 percent, celebrating the 100th day or year, 100-meter footrace, lucky number, general acceptance, keeping it real, the price of something, perfectness, great job, well done, being honest and authentic and the name itself.

Getting 100 on the exam

Getting 100 on exam text with 100 emoji

The question is what does the 100 emoji mean? Firstly, 100 comes from Japanese education that 100 is the highest mark that is given on exam. When a student gets 100, it means he answered all questions correctly and got the most top mark. In this case, he may want to announce it on his social media profile: “I am so happy that I got 100 on the Math exam.” He can use this emoji in this expression.

The person who uses this emoji may be that student’s parents as well. His father or mother can write that their son or daughter has been successful: “I am very proud of my son that he got 100.”

This emoji can be used to congratulate someone who got 100 on an exam: “Hey, I have just heard you got 100 on Science exam. Congratulations!”

Expression Of 100 percent

Expression Of 100 percent

As it is seen 100, 100 emoji can be used as an expression of “100 percent.” So, it can be used anywhere that it is appropriate for use. Examples: Someone can use 100 emoji while writing about his success: “I am sure that I have been 100 percent successful in solving this problem.” It can be used to write that something is full: “I can’t add milk as the bottle is 100 percent full.” Sometimes people want to emphasize something that they write: “I am 100 percent agree with you.” The person may want to learn if the other one is sure: “Are you 100 percent sure about this issue?” This expression is used while writing about possibilities: “- Will I get the job? – Yes, you will 100 percent get the job.”

General acceptance

General acceptance text with 100 emoji

People can express their general acceptance about any issue in different ways. One of these ways is that they can prefer to use this emoji to express their acceptance. For example, a group of friends is planning a party: “-Are you coming to the party tonight? – Yes, sure.” The person can put 100 emoji in his expression as an answer, and he wants to say that he is definitely coming. It can be an offer about anything: “So, do you accept my offer? – Yes, I totally accept.” The person may reply with 100 emoji. In this case, it can be regarded as certainty and the person is completely accepting the offer. People also use this emoji to confirm someone’s thought about any issue: “- I think women should have the same rights as men. Do you think so? – Yes, I agree.” In this situation, the person confirms the thought when he puts 100 emoji in his message. 


Perfectness text with 100 emoji

According to its origin that comes from Japanese education, it is known that when a student gets 100, that means he has answered all questions correctly. Because of that, 100 emoji is used as an expression of perfectness. It can be used anywhere when someone wants to say “Perfect!” or something like that: “- What do you think about my workout progress? – Perfect!” 100 emoji can be sent with the answer to emphasize perfectness. It can mean someone’s general opinion about life: “I love life. I think it is perfect. Of course, sometimes sad things happen, and I know nobody is perfect, but these make life real.” 100 emoji can be put at the end of this expression to imply perfectness. Sometimes people can make compliments to those they love. They can write they are perfect: “You are the most valuable person in my life. You are a perfect person.” 100 emoji can be sent with this expression.

Great job

Great job text with 100 emoji

This emoji can be used when someone has made a great job and to say him “well done” or “great job”. For example, a project manager writes to his colleague to say his performance is good: “Project is going on very well. You have done a great job. Thank you.” A teacher may want to honor his student as he got a high mark on the exam: “You got 100. It is a big success. Well done!” A customer of a restaurant can leave his comment on the restaurant’s social media profile: “Last evening I ate a hamburger. It was so delicious. Your cook is great. I will come again soon!” A customer of a travel agency can write on social media about them: “It was a lovely tour. Everything was great. Our guide was so good. I will have my next tour with you!” 100 emoji may be put at the end of all these expressions.


Honesty text with 100 emoji

People tend to express their honesty in different ways. One of those ways is to put 100 emoji in their texts. We can see this emoji in different expressions that people write about their honesty. For example: “- Are you honest with me? – Yes, of course.” When the person puts this emoji, he wants to say that he is totally honest. 100 emoji can be used while writing about someone: “I know John very well. He is so honest.” The person who writes this message wants to say that he does not doubt that John is honest.

Celebrating the 100th Day of Year

Celebrating the 100th Day or Year

100 emoji seems with red 100 number. Because of that, it can be used to celebrate the 100th day or something. For example, a couple is going out for about three months, and one of them can send a message on their 100th day to make a surprise: “Hey, today is the 100th day of our relationship!” Someone may want to express his happiness as he has moved to a new home: “It has been 100 days since I moved to my new home. I love living here!”

100 emoji may be used to celebrate the 100th year as well. Some big companies have been running a business for a long time. When a company reaches its 100th year, its all team and workers can use this emoji in their texts for the celebration of their company’s 100th year: “Our company is celebrating its 100th year, and we are proud to be part of it.” It can be used in its campaign: “We are making great discounts in honor of our 100th year.” This emoji can be put in all these messages.

The lucky number

The lucky number text with 100 emoji

Superstitions are widespread around the world. Some superstitious people have a lucky number. 100 can be the lucky number of someone so that 100 emoji can be used to express someone’s lucky number: “My lucky number is 100.” “I like 100 number very much.” Some of them are so obsessed with 100 that they even book the rooms with that number: “I want to book room number 100 in your hotel. It is my favorite number.”

The price of something

The price of something

This emoji can be used to express the price of something that is being sold. For example, someone who runs a business on the internet can use 100 emoji in their campaign so that he can get people’s interest: “Meet our new campaign! Everything is $100. Be quick as it will end at the end of this month!” “We have made a big discount, and our new price is just $100. You should hurry as it will end soon!”

Expressing Reality

Expressing Reality text with 100 emoji

Some news is hard to believe, or sometimes our friends tell us so interesting things that are hard to believe. 100 emoji can be used to imply something is 100 percent real: “- Do you know Marrie has got a new boyfriend? – Are you serious? – Yes, it is real.” “- I have just read an interesting article. It is written that it is impossible to lick our elbows. – Oh, really? – Yes, it is.”


Naturality text with 100 emoji

There are many foods including vegetables and fruits that aren’t natural. Hormones are being used to grow those vegetables and fruits. However, some of them are grown without using these hormones and these are called natural. A company that produces natural products can use 100 emoji in its campaign to imply they provide natural products: “All our products are farmed without hormones, they are all healthy and 100 percent natural. Hygiene is so important in our facility. You should try. ”

100-meter footrace

The 100-meter footrace is very popular around the world. It has a long history like other sports. Footraces are watched by many people like football or basketball matches. When the conversation topic is about footrace, 100 emoji can be used: “I have prepared everything, opened my tv and I am watching 100-meter footrace, and it is exciting.” “Who do you think will win the sprint?”


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