What does sunglasses emoji mean

What does sunglasses emoji mean? How to use it?

People use different emojis while they are texting. One of these emojis is sunglasses emoji. What does sunglasses emoji mean? Its meaning is regarded as representing coolness, smartness, sunny weather and also being mutual friends on Snapchat.

Representing coolness

Sometimes we can see people showing a cool attitude towards their friends. In these times they use this emoji. That can be a student who got a high mark on his exam: “I got A on Maths. I always do it.” Someone who is proud of his car: “I love my Mercedes. It makes 150 kph.” A person who is organizing a party: “Hey guys. You are invited to the part this weekend. We will enjoy very much.” This emoji means representing coolness in all these situations.

Coolness in relationships

Coolness in relationships

Some people tend to be cool in their relationships with the opposite romantic relationships. Guys and girls both like doing that. Guys want to be more mysterious, and girls want to be more attractive and seem “unreachable.” So, they want guys to spend more efforts. For example: “- Do you want to come to the cinema tomorrow? – Maybe.” Some guys and girls who want to be cool in relationships use this emoji.

Representing smartness

We know very well that most people like showing how smart they are. We can understand this attitude from their messages. They can explain it directly: “You all know very well that I am so smart.” Sometimes they want to prove their capabilities: “I can swim 1000 meters in just 30 minutes.” “Couldn’t you solve that problem? Give it to me. I can solve it quickly.”

Sunny weather

As the character wears sunglasses, the person who uses this emoji may be writing about sunny weather: “It is a beautiful day. The sun is shining!”

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