What does question mark emoji mean

What does the question mark emoji mean?

Sending text messages have been popular for a while. It is a very common way of communication. People sometimes prefer to send text messages instead of calling someone that they want to interact with. Sending text messages haven’t lost its popularity. On the contrary, it has increased its popularity since social media started to be used. People send text messages to each other on social media. That is why it is trendy today.

As people send text messages a lot, they also want to express their feelings. Being aware of that, developers have created emojis so that people can use them to express their feelings. For example, they can send smileys, angry faces, sad faces and many kinds of emojis.

Question mark emoji

At first, there weren’t different kinds of emojis. But new emojis have been added, and developers continue to add new emojis to let people use them while texting. Because there are many kinds of emojis, some people may not know the meanings of them. One of them is question mark emoji. Some people get question mark emoji, but they don’t understand the meaning of it. In this article, we will explain what does question mark emoji mean and the origin of it.

The origin of the question mark is not known much. One of the common belief about the origin of the question mark is that it is the shape of an inquisitive cat’s tail. The reason for this belief is about ancient Egyptians they worshiped to the cats.

The answer to the common question about What does question mark emoji mean is that your phone doesn’t support the character that is displayed. As we mentioned that new emojis are being created, you may have got a message including a new emoji that your phone doesn’t support to display. This problem will be solved when you update your phone.

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