What does eggplant emoji mean

What does eggplant emoji mean? How to use it?

There are many emojis that are being by people on social media. Interestingly, some of them has got new meanings. One of these emojis is eggplant. What does eggplant emoji mean? The meaning of this emoji is often thought in the romantic context such as offering to sleep together, expressing horniness, intercourse. Although it is also used to write about eggplant vegetable as well.

Saying “I am hot.”


What does eggplant emoji mean? One of the most common usages of eggplant emoji is about saying “I am hot.” Especially guys prefer to use it when they want to say that they are hot. This emoji can be used in these expressions: “I am looking for an action tonight.” “I feel so hot.”

Offering to spend romantic moments Several Eggplant Emojis

When a guy sends this emoji to a girl with some naughty words, it is often meant to say he offers to sleep together. He can write something like that: “I am free this evening. Do you want to come to my home?” Sometimes he writes his offer directly: “Do you want to be with me tonight?” He may be romantic: “I am planning a special night for us. We will have a great time. Would you like to come?”.  In these situations, it means offering to spend romantic moments.

Sometimes guys get this emoji from girls. In this situation, it may be understood as a desire for romantic moments. There may be such a dialogue between the guys: “- The girl I met last night wants to be with me. – How do you know that? – She sent me eggplant emoji.”

Combining eggplant with other emojis

This emoji is sometimes combined with other flirting emojis and its meaning may differ by the other emoji that is used. These combinations are mainly used in texting very much.

Eggplant with mouth emoji

Eggplant with mouth emoji


Eggplant with peach emoji

Eggplant with peach emoji

Eggplant emoji is sometimes combined with peach emoji.  Guys can combine these emojis when they offer to invite for hot moments to the girls. Guys do it often when they use dating apps as they aim to find someone. That is why they send these emojis to the girls that they are interested in.

Eggplant with sweat droplets emoji

Eggplant with sweat droplets emoji

Sometimes eggplant emoji is combined with sweat droplets emoji. In this case, the meaning of these emojis is ejaculation. They are used while texting very much. 

Writing about penis

Because of the similarity of its shape with a male genital organ, it is often used to imply a penis. If the conversation is about a penis, it can be used. 

Some condom companies even use this emoji in their messages or announcements. It is so common that some people may ask if there is anyone who uses this emoji as anything other than a penis.



Eggplant emoji is called aubergine emoji in the UK and Japan. What does eggplant emoji mean? The meaning of this emoji is the vegetable itself.

Some people like eggplant very much. They cook meals with it, take pictures of their meals and share them on their social media profiles. They also add comments and use this emoji in them. Their followers or friends also make comments including this emoji: “Well it looks delicious.” “Well done! It looks great.” “Can I join you?” Sometimes people may desire to eat eggplant and express their desires: “That would be nice to eat eggplant.”

Decorating messages

As it is a cute emoji with purple color, some people may prefer to use eggplant emoji to decorate their texts. Especially if they like purple, they will be more likely to use this emoji in their texts. What does eggplant emoji mean? The person may have preferred to use it just because of its color or shape.

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