What does black heart emoji mean? How to use it?

We got used to different kinds of emojis that are being used by people while texting on social media and other platforms. There are lovely and colorful emojis as well as black ones. Black heart is one of the black colored emojis. As it is not red, many people may wonder what does black heart emoji mean. There may be different meanings of this emoji and if you are one of those who ask what does black heart emoji mean, you can find your answer here.

black heart emoji mean

Love of the black color


Some people like the black color very much. So the answer to the question what does black heart emoji mean may be related to the love of black. We can see many people who like the black color around us. They wear black t-shirts, use black cars, prefer black wallets, buy black shoes.

Becoming Different

We can give many examples of that. Just as they prefer black in their life, they can send black heart emoji while they are texting with their friends. If you got this emoji from your friend or lover and you know that he likes black, you shouldn’t be surprised. So you can send him a black heart emoji, and he will be glad.

Expressing sadness

Another explanation of the question what does black heart emoji mean is that the black heart emoji may be used to express sadness. Sometimes, people may be sad, upset or broken. When they have these kinds of feelings, they prefer to be alone and live with their feelings. Black is known as the symbol of pessimistic feelings.

black heart emoji

Some people may feel sad or upset when they see black. For example, they don’t feel in a good mood on rainy and cloudy days. As it can be understood from these examples, people may prefer to use black heart emoji to express their sadness. Your friend may send you this emoji if you are texting about something bad. He may want to express his feelings with this emoji. If you see someone who uses this emoji, you can ask him if everything is all right as there may be something wrong.

Becoming Different

black heart emojis

We can’t say that black heart emoji is only related to sadness or other bad feelings. The answer to the question what does black heart emoji mean may be related to becoming different. Many people like to become different. They don’t like standards. They deny all rules and live the way they want. They do what they want to do without considering anyone around them. 

It is their nature, and they can be realized by other people quickly. As they do extraordinary things in their lives, we can see them using black heart emoji while they are writing a message. You shouldn’t ask them why they do that as there is no answer. If you have a lover who likes being different and he sends you black heart emoji, the reason is that he wanted to do it. So you may reply him same as the way he does.

Emo Love

black heart

In recent years, a new culture has been spread around teenagers. As it is widely known, teenagers who are between 11 and 16 are in a different period. They may have mixed feelings, and those feelings may change fast. Suddenly they can be aggressive, happy, sad, upset or wild. It is because of their period. Some of them express their inner feelings to their around. They wear black clothes, they write pessimistic thoughts and share it on their social media profiles. They take photos with their sad faces, and some of them have exciting hairstyles. This has been a culture, and these teenagers are called emo.

Love of the black color


There are many kinds of emo words, sentences, lyrics, photos and websites on the internet. As black and dark are their favorites, they like black heart emoji very much. You can see many emo teenagers who send black heart emojis to each other. For those who wonder what does black heart emoji mean, we can say it is about emo love. They express their love with this emoji. But it is not only about love. When they need to write something about heart, they prefer black color instead of red. Because they like it.

Love of the dark

Emo Love

It is strange that some people have a fear of the dark but some of them have love of the dark. There may be these kinds of people around you and they are a lot. These people like to stay in the dark. They don’t like the light very much. They sit, watch television, eat or drink something and sleep. This is not painful for them. On the contrary, it is a pleasure. They feel good when they stay in the dark. However, some people prefer to stay in the dark as they need. They want to have a rest and feel peaceful. As they like dark, they also like black very much. What does black heart emoji mean for these people? The meaning is about their love of the dark. That is why they send the black heart emoji. If you have a lover who likes sitting in the dark, you shouldn’t be surprised when you get this emoji from him or her. You can turn off the lights, light the candles and enjoy your moments together while sitting in the dark.

It May Be A Mistake

Expressing sadness

If you know the person who sends this emoji to you very well and you don’t think he is that kind of person, it may be a mistake. Sometimes people do wrong things by mistake. Because of that, he may have sent you black heart emoji instead of the red heart. So you shouldn’t think much about the issue and tell him what is going on so that he can realize what he did. At some point, If everything is all right, it doesn’t matter whether it is red or black.

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