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What do the chinese emojis mean? How to use them?

While emojis are getting popular, we have seen Chinese and Japan emojis on social media and other platforms. Of course, they will mean nothing to you if you can’t read any of these languages. What do the Chinese emojis mean? These emojis have different meanings including here, luck, reserved, free of charge, monthly amount, discount, bargain, prohibited, application, congratulations and more.


You can see this emoji with a gray background and two characters. What do the Chinese emojis mean? It is known as squared Katakana Koko and read as “Ko-ko.” The meaning of it is “here.” If you see Asians who use this emoji, they may write about something that is here. Maybe they want to say that “I am here” or something else.


This emoji is with a green background, and it is read as “Zhi” in Chinese. What do the Chinese emojis mean? Meaning of this emoji is finger or point. The person who uses this emoji may be pointing something important.


This emoji has a round shape and red background. It is read as “de,” and the meaning of it is “gain” in Chinese. This word hasn’t a unique meaning, and it completes the meaning of a phrase or expression in most cases. For example, it may be used to say bargain. So, it can be used to bargain while buying something online.

Free of chargeFree of Charge

This emoji has a yellow background and rectangular shape. It is read as “wu” in Chinese. The meaning of it is “nothing.” It can be used in most situations when someone wants to say nothing.


Having a red background and round shape, it is read as “zhu” in Chinese and means “congratulations.” When someone wants to congratulate a success, he can use this emoji in his message.

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