Watermelon emoji

What is watermelon emoji meaning?

Watermelon is one of the fruit emojis that are being used while texting on social media or other platforms. This emoji has a look of sliced watermelon. Watermelon emoji meaning is often associated with the actual fruit. It is known as healthy food and it is tasty. Some people like its juice. So, this emoji is used to represent a healthy living style and diet. It is also used to refer to the summer as watermelon is a summer fruit. In some cases, this emoji is used in texting to express different romantic fantasies. Watermelon is used as a symbol of bonus points in some video games. This emoji can be used while texting if the subject is these games.

Healthy lifeHealthy life

In most cases, watermelon emoji meaning is considered as the fruit itself. As it is a known fruit that is nutritious and good for health, watermelon emoji can be used to represent a healthy life. Those who take importance on their health have watermelon, and they can use this emoji to represent their healthy lifestyle. For example: “Watermelon and sport are so important to me.”

Those who like watermelon

Many people like eating this fruit very much. Some of them also love drinking watermelon juice. So, they can add a watermelon emoji into their messages to express their interest: “I like watermelon very much. It is delicious.”


Watermelon is one of the great fruits of summer. As it is eaten in summer, it is one of the symbols of this season. So, watermelon emoji can be put in any text to represent summer: “Summer is coming. I am getting prepared to go out, sunbathe, go to the sea and of course eat watermelon.”


Although it is not used often, watermelon emoji can be used to express different romantic fantasies while texting:  “Do you want to taste it?”

Bonus pointsBonus points

Sliced watermelon is used as a symbol of bonus points in some video games or online flash games. Kids or teenagers can put this emoji in their messages when they write about these games: “- Hey, I have just scored 10! – Wow, that is great.”, “I need 5 points to finish the game. Can you send them to me?”

Children like watermelon

Most children are interested in sliced watermelon. This emoji can be put in a text to drive attention of them: “Hey kids, we are going to the funfair.”

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