V emoji

There are different emojis that can be used while texting and people use most of them in their messages. V emoji is one of those. Also known as victory hand, peace and v sign, V emoji meaning is considered as the symbol of victory and peace. There is also: V sign, and that is often used in ironic statements.

The symbol of victoryThe symbol of victory

One of the common usages of V emoji is as a symbol of the victory. Those who make success in a particular subject or congratulate a success can put this emoji in their messages: “It has been for a while since I started to study hard, and finally I am proud to write that I graduated the university at first grade.”, “I have just heard that you have been the winner of the writing contest. That is great. Congrats!”.

The symbol of peace

In most cases, V emoji meaning is considered as the symbol of peace. It can be put in any message that is related to order: “Peace is one of the most important things in the world.”, “I believe that peace will come one day,” “Peace forever!”.

Usage of V Emoji in Ironical Statements

V emoji meaning is related to irony as well. It is typed as V in those statements that include irony: “- Sorry for being late. – It is not important at all that I thought you would come at night: V”, “- I have changed my look. What do you think about my new look? – I think it is great: V (He wants to say that it is bad).”

The feeling of Getting SurprisedFeeling of Getting Surprised

In some cases, v emoji can be used to express that someone is surprised. It is a way of saying “What do you mean?” or “You can’t be serious.”

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