upside down smiley face emoji meaning

The real upside down smiley face emoji meaning

Whenever we send messages to our loved ones, we are definitely adding an emoji under each message. Sometimes we want to show our love, sometimes we add emoji to our messages to indicate how we use our cues. These emojis actually have many different meanings.

Not every emojin has a single meaning. The red heart means love, the kiss emoji means we kiss the one we send the message, or the laughing emoji indicates we laughed too. But not every emoji has such a clear meaning. An emoji can have more than 5 meanings. So it will make our job easier to know which sentence and what meanings we add. What are these emojis? At the top of these emojis is an upside down smiley face emoji. Upside down smiley face emoji has several different meanings depending on your cues. Now let’s look at the upside down smiley face emoji meaning.

What is the real upside down smiley face emoji meaning?

upside down smiley faceNo one knows certainly in which emotion upside down smiley face emoji meaning is used. Everyone can use their own thinking. This smiley is not just an emoji that is popular in messaging. We see that upside down smiley face emoji is used too on Twitter. When we look at Twitter, upside down smiley emoji is used sarcastically. When we look at the Tweets, we understand that if the upside down smiley is used in Tweet, the writer is not happy about the situation he/she has written in the Tweet.

In Instagram, we see that upside down smiley face emoji meaning is not used very much. But when we look at the messages, we can see that this emoji carries the sense of silliness or goofiness. But none of them indicate the exact meaning of upside-down smiley face emoji.

Let’s try to connect the upside down smiley face emoji with the real meaning. In a real sense, we do not specify any emotion upside down. For this, we searched for hidden meaning in the upside down smiley emoji. Many people have different and funny explanations about this emoji. But when we look generally, we can say that upside down smiley face emoji meaning is actually laughing at the people in the outside world physically, but says that our soul does not laugh. Besides, it would be right to use this emoji when we want to make fun of someone. If someone is sending you this emoji, the message written before it is making fun of you, or they’re saying something with irony.

It is not smiling emoji

upside down smiley

We can say in a sense that upside down smiley face emoji is not a real smiley emoji. Do not look for the name and the image as a smiley, in fact, a smiley expression of this emoji can be seen as the last option. For this reason, when you smile at someone, you should not use this emoji. Or, if someone you love is sending upside down smiley face emoji to you, you can understand that there is a problem or there is something that he or she is worried in fact.

When did this upside down smiley face emoji meaning enter our keyboards?

This emoji entered the iPhones in October 2015 and the Androids in December 2015. Then Twitter presented the emoji to the keyboards of its users. So, we can say that when we entered in 2016, some of us were expressing some of our feelings with upside down faces.

upside down smiley face emoji

We know the meaning of some emojis that we use as a standard. So we use them almost at the end of all the messages. But we need to know that we need to pay attention to messages when adding emoji. Because, if we want to establish a definite sentence, the emoji we add at the end of the sentence may give a very negative meaning to our clemency. So we have to know the implications of the emojis, especially the upside down smiley face emoji meaning.

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