Upside down smile emoji

What is upside down smile emoji meaning?

Smiley emojis are being very used on social media and while sending text messages. Although upside down smiley is not used as much as other smiley emojis, it is preferred by many people in some cases. Upside down smile emoji meaning is often about joking, silliness, complicated emotions, sarcasm or irony.

JokingJoking text with Upside down smile emoji

Upside down smile emoji meaning is sometimes about joking. When someone makes a joke about anything, he may use this emoji. It can be used in this dialogue: “-When will you come to the café? – At 11 pm. – Are you kidding? – Of course, I am. I will be there at 7 pm.”


Sometimes people do some things that are silly. When they realize that, they even laugh at themselves. We can see the same thing while texting: “- When will you give me the project? – I can give it to you 22 days later. – Two days? – Sorry I mistyped. That should be 2 days. I couldn’t get used to my new keyboard.” Upside down smile emoji meaning is used to express silliness.

Complicated emotionsComplicated emotions text with Upside down smile emoji

People sometimes have complicated emotions. They are confused and they don’t know how to react in some situations. These things happen in relationships very much. They express their complicated feelings with this emoji while texting: “You lied to me again. I shouldn’t forgive you but I think I will punish you for the next time.” They may get angry but can’t show their anger, though: “You are late again. How many times I warned you. Whatever. I hope you won’t do it again.” Upside down smile emoji meaning is about expressing complicated emotions.

Making Irony

Most of us say ironic words due to some cases. The reason may be anger, having fun, happiness or something else. We can see the irony in text messages as well: “Last evening you came to dinner at 8. Since you were late, we thought you would come at night.” In this situation, upside down smile emoji meaning is about irony.

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