tongue out emoji meaning

What is tongue out emoji meaning?

Social media has been so popular especially around teenagers. They use it a lot to send messages and write their comments about their followers or friends. They also use emojis a lot. They are so useful to express their mood and feelings. We can see many users who send tongue out emoji. Although it seems funny at first, some people may wonder that if tongue out emoji meaning is different than we think. They are right to think so as there are different tongue out emoji meanings.

Teenagers Stick Their Tongues Out

We generally see kids or teenagers while sticking their tongues out. Adults rarely do that. So tongue out emoji meaning is thought that the person is kidding. While you are texting with your friend or lover, you shouldn’t think something wrong about him if he sends a funny message with this emoji. He is probably joking with you. Sometimes, adults and even old people send messages with tongue out emoji. These messages can be replied with the same emoji. So we want to say that we know they are kidding and we are laughing.

Feel Of Anger

Feel Of Anger

However, tongue out emoji meaning is not always that the person is kidding. Especially if you wrote something that is not good and that can make that person angry, you should think if you got tongue out emoji. If he wrote a serious message saying he didn’t like what you said and sent this emoji, he might not have liked what you said, he may think the thing you wrote is disgusting. According to an idea, tongue out emoji meaning may be understood as the politer way of flipping someone off.

Of course, tongue out emoji meaning shouldn’t be understood directly that the person wants to flip you off when he sends this emoji. Sometimes, people get wild and crazy. They want to do crazy things that don’t make sense at all. When they want to talk about crazy things, dreams or things that don’t have meaning, they can use tongue out emoji to express they are going crazy.

I Don’t Care

I Don’t Care

Tongue out emoji meaning can be explained that the person may want to say “I don’t care.” For example, you make a joke to your friend, or you tease him with some words. He can write something as a reply, or he may not write anything except tongue out emoji. So if you get just this emoji as a reply, tongue out emoji meaning is that he doesn’t care what you say at all.

Tongue out emoji meaning is generally related to happy feelings. Sometimes, people announce something that makes them happy with their social media profiles. Going on a holiday, celebrating the birthday party, going to the cinema are some of those occasions that people feel happy. Apart from that, they can use tongue out emoji to invite their friends to these events. For example; We are going on holiday this weekend. Is there anyone who wants to join us? Tongue out emoji can be used at the end of these messages.


Tongue out emoji meaning is also related to the sincerity between close friends and lovers. As it means that the person is not serious and he is kidding, this emoji can’t be sent to everyone. If it is sent to a person who doesn’t have a strong relationship with, he may not like it. But, there will be no problem with close friends. It is also not proper to send tongue out emoji at the beginning of the romantic relationships. The person may not like it, and he may think wrong about your personality.

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