Teeth emoji

There is no emoji called “teeth emoji” indeed. As we see a face with clenched teeth, this is called “teeth emoji”. Its name is known as the grimacing face. Whether it is “grimacing face” or “teeth”, teeth emoji meaning is often associated with negative feelings like embarrassment, awkwardness, nervousness, fear, shock or confusion.

Negative feelings

Face with clenched teeth reminds most of us a worried face as we clench our teeth during unpleasant situations. That is why teeth emoji meaning is often regarded as the expression of negative feelings.

EmbarrassmentEmbarrassment text and Teeth emoji

When people feel embarrassed, they can send this emoji to express their feelings. It can be about memory, word or things like that. This emoji can be put in a text to reply to a message that we don’t like or a bad joke: “You look weird.”, “You look like a clown with these clothes.”


Teeth emoji meaning can be related to a feeling of nervousness: “I feel so nervous. Because I will have an important meeting tomorrow.”, “I am nervous as I need to go to the dentist.”

AwkwardnessAwkwardness text and Teeth emoji

Teeth emoji can be sent to represent the feeling of embarrassment. It can be a bad joke that a friend writes, but we don’t think it is funny: “that isn’t funny.” We can send this emoji when we don’t exactly understand what the person wants to mean: “What do you mean?” It can be used in such expressions to express awkwardness: “I have just updated my phone to the latest version of its software and guess what! It has crashed!”, “I think it is not a lucky day for me. My girlfriend said that she is leaving me.” “It is such a difficult problem.”


People can put teeth emoji in their messages to write that they are confused: “I am not sure what to wear at the party. Can you give me an advice?”, “There are too many options and I am so confused.”, “It is a nice day, but I couldn’t decide that I should go out or not.”

Feeling shocked

Sometimes people feel shocked because of things that they hear or see. For example: “- Do you know that they broke up? – I can’t believe it. Are you serious?”, “- Although I promised you to come with you, I can’t go out with you this evening as I have things to do. – That is bad!”

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