Strawberry emoji

What is strawberry emoji meaning?

Fruit emojis are liked by most people very much. Strawberry is one of those fruit emojis. Strawberry emoji meaning is often associated with its actual meaning. Strawberry is a portion of tasty and nutritious food, it is good for health. So, this emoji is often used in topics related to health, healthy eating, diet. There are many desserts made with strawberry. If a message is about strawberry dessert, this emoji can be put in it. As strawberry is tasty food, it can be sent to a girl to make a compliment to her, or it can be added into a message to say something is delicious. It is known as a summer food. In this concept, it can be used to represent summer.

Health living habitsHealth living habits

As strawberry is healthy food, strawberry emoji can be put in text messages that are about healthy living habits. Someone who adopts a healthy living style can add this emoji into his message as well as he may want to take attention to healthy eating and diet: “I eat strawberry every morning. It is so delicious and good for health.”, “My daily routine: getting up early, doing sport, eating a strawberry.”

Strawberry desserts

Just as strawberry is trendy food, strawberry desserts are also popular. Different kinds of desserts can be made with it. In this context, this emoji can be used in any text that is about a strawberry dessert: “Can you give me the recipe of the strawberry dessert that you made? It was delicious.”

Making compliments

Making complimentsStrawberry emoji can be sent to the girls to make compliments to them. When a guy sends this emoji to a girl, it is meaning is regarded as saying “you are cute as a strawberry,” “you are so nice” or “you are very beautiful.”


Strawberry is one of the summer foods so that strawberry emoji can be added into messages to represent summer: “I miss summer. I hope it comes soon. I want to go to the sea and eat a strawberry.”

“It is delicious.”

Strawberry emoji is not only used for strawberry but also it can be used in any comment about something that is delicious. For example, someone sees a picture of a cake on social media, and he likes it. In this case, he can leave a comment something like “It looks so delicious” or “It looks tasty” including this emoji.

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