Star eyes emoji and meaning

Star eyes emoji meaning and using

Along with other smiley emojis, we have been seeing star eyes emoji on social media and in text messages very much. Star eyes emoji meaning is often related with admiration for the celebrities and models. It is also used while making compliments to the ladies about their clothes.

Admiration for the celebrities

Most celebrities and models have social media profiles and they have thousands of followers. Some of them have millions of followers. We often see the messages of their fans including this emoji. They often write things like that: “I love you so much.” “You are so beautiful.” “You look awesome.” Star eyes emoji can be put at the end of these messages.

Star eyes emoji

We sometimes see these famous people and celebrities in the streets, stores and other places. When we look at a celebrity on the road, we tend to take a picture together. We share this picture on our profile and write a comment something like that: “Guys, guess who I saw in the street! Can you believe that? It is amazing.” Then we put star eyes emoji with our comments. Our friends or followers may also respond like that: “What a chance!” “Very good for you” They can put star eyes emoji as well. Consequently, star eyes emoji meaning is regarded as the admiration for the celebrities.

Making compliments

Star eyes emoji meaning is also understood as a compliment made for the loved ones. When a guy sees a photo of her girlfriend with a nice dress, he can make a compliment including this emoji: “You look nice.” “Your dress suits perfect on you.” He can go further and writes that she looks like celebrities: “You look like celebrities with your dress.”

Girls also use this emoji while texting with each other. When they buy new cloth, they often ask their friends and want to take their opinions. In that case, their friends may reply the question with the answers including star eyes emoji.

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