Snowflake emoji

What is snowflake emoji meaning?

Snowflake emoji is one of the most used emojis of winter. Snowflake emoji meaning is often about winter and snow. It is sometimes used to write about frozen water. Every snowflake is different in terms of its shape. Because of that, snowflake emoji might be used as a symbol of uniqueness. We usually see snow when the new year comes. So, this emoji is sometimes used to represent the new year. Snowflake is a cute symbol that kids like very much as it reminds them of snow. Many children love drawing pictures of snowflakes. That is why this emoji can be used to represent cartoons.


When the subject is winter, snow comes to minds. Snowflake emoji meaning is related to winter. We can see this emoji in a lot of messages that are about winter: “Winter is my favorite season.”, “It is winter time. Everybody should get ready for skiing!”, “Winter is coming!”.


As it is the symbol of snow, snowflake emoji meaning used to represent snow. It can be put in any message that is about snow: “It is a snowy day. I am ready to go out.”, “Who wants to play snowball?”

The celebration of the new year

As it is known, the new year is in the winter. So, there may be snow in the new year. Snowflake has been one of the symbols of the new year, and we see this emoji in most of the messages that include the celebration of the new year.


Snowflake emoji meaning can be used as a synonym for originality as every snowflake shape is different from each other. When a person sees something that is unique, he can put this emoji in his comment: “Wow, that looks original.”. It is not common usage, though.

Symbol of the cartoons

Snow, snowman, snowball, and snowflake are all used a lot in comics. Children like watching these cartoons. So, snowflake emoji meaning can be put in messages when the subject is about cartoons: “It is great! My favorite cartoon is on tv.”, “It is time to watch a cartoon.”


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