Sneezing emoji

What is sneezing emoji meaning?

We have been seeing different emojis that are used by people on social media for a while. One of those exciting emojis is sneezing emoji. Sneezing emoji meaning is often about illness, crying, representing a sense of emotion and sometimes rejecting an offer.

Being illBeing ill

People often use this emoji when they have flu or cold. As they sneeze when they are sick, they can use it in their messages. We can see these kinds of messages: “Today I feel bad, I got flu.”, “I have a cold, and I am sneezing.” “I have a runny nose today.”. We can even see some of them sharing their photos which were taken when they are in their bed. Consequently, sneezing emoji meaning can be understood as having an illness in these cases.

Representing a sense of emotion

People sometimes have emotional times. Especially, sensitive people tend to be more emotional. They can show sensitive reactions; they can cry quickly. In these kinds of situations, they may use this emoji in their messages. As they are so emotional, girls use sneezing emoji much. You can see their messages with sneezing emojis when they break up with their boyfriends or get low marks from their exams. For example: “I feel very upset. I broke up with my boyfriend.”. “I studied hard, but somehow I couldn’t manage to get A.”

Rejecting an offerRejecting an offer

Sneezing emoji meaning can also be understood as rejecting an invitation or offer as well. For example, there will be a birthday party at your home, and you invite your friend. He can reject your invitation: “Sorry but I can’t come this evening as I have a cold.” “I wish I could come, but I can’t go out because of my flu.” He can put sneezing emoji at the end of his message.

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