Single eye emoji

What is single eye emoji meaning?

There are different eye emojis that are currently being used. Some of them are eyes emojis, and some of them are single eye emojis. We see single eye emoji in a speech bubble. So, it is also called “eye in a speech bubble”. Single eye emoji meaning has been related to the campaign that is called “I am a witness”. When a person puts this emoji in his message, he might be aware of the campaign, and he may have something to say. Apart from that, this emoji can be sent to give a message to someone: “My eye is on you.” It can be used to represent video message or FaceTime as well.

I witnessed somethingI witnessed something

Eye emoji looks as if it is the emergence of eye and bubble speech. In most cases, it has been used to say “I have witnessed something and I want to speak up.”. If you witnessed something and you want to write about it, you can put this emoji in your message.

“My eye is on you.”

As the eye looks as if it is watching something, it can be sent to someone to give a message like “I am watching you. I know everything that you do. So, you should be careful what you do.” Parents may want to track their kids’ activities on the internet so that they install tracking programs. They also let their children know that they are in control. This emoji can be a symbol as an expression of this situation.

Video MessagingVideo Messaging

In some cases, single eye emoji is used as a synonym for video messaging or FaceTime: “How about making a video call?”, “I am sending you a video message. Can you see it when you are free?”, “Last evening we made a video call with my aunt who lives abroad. It was enjoyable.”

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