Sign of the horns emoji

What is sign of the horns emoji meaning?

Sign of the horns emoji is one of the hand emojis. It is also known as “rock on”, “devil fingers” and “heavy metal” emoji that is displayed one hand with raised pinky and index fingers. As can be understood from its other names, a sign of the horns emoji meaning has been associated with rock and heavy metal music and those who listen to it. In this context, it is often used to represent music, parties, and going crazy. However, this sign has different meanings in different cultures.


Sign of the horns emoji is often used in text messages to represent rock and heavy metal music. Those who listen to that style of music usually put this emoji in their messages when they write about music. It can be about the latest album of a rock band, massive metal concert and things like these. Some amateur musicians play rock, and they share their music on social media. People who send comments about these posts include this emoji in their messages. In this way, they want to say “You rock!”, “It is awesome!” and things like that.

Parties and concerts

Sign of the horns emoji is sometimes put in messages that are about parties or concerts. When people write about these events, they add this emoji into their messages to say that they had fun or they went crazy: “The concert was great yesterday. We enjoyed a lot.”

Sign of the horns in different culturesSign of the horns in different cultures

Sign of the horns was included into rock culture by Black Sabbath. Although this symbol has been associated with rock and metal music, it was used in different cultures to symbolize different things in the past. The oldest usage form of this sign was in Indian culture. It was used to get rid of negativity and unwanted thoughts. In Mediterranean culture, the same sign was used for a similar purpose. People used this sign to protect themselves from the evil eye and bad luck. This sign is also used in Peru against evil. In countries like Argentina, Spain, Greece, Portugal, and Spain, the meaning of this sign refers to cuckoldry. As it is seen, a sign of the horns symbol has different meanings in cultures. However, it is used in a different form today, and no such meanings should be looked for behind the sign of the horns emoji meaning.

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